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Ranganatha Swamy Temple Situated in Chikkaballpura. It's around 60kms from Bangalore. Chikballapur is the District Headquarters of the newly created District of Chikballapur in the State of Karnataka, India.

Chikballapur is about 57 km north of Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore), the silicon plateau of India. The north-south National Highway NH-7 goes through the town, functions as the Main Street of the town, and is locally known as Bengaluru-Bellary Road or BB Road.

The stone statue of Vishnu is simply splendid. The black stone sculpture carved in the Vijaynagar style is best viewed when there are no other visitors to the temple. The temple priest is more than willing to accommodate a special viewing for a small consideration offered to the diety. Please respect the religious sensibilities, but go there for sheer artistic splendour.

Location info:

Address:Sri SheshadriBhattar,
Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple,Rangasthala,ThippanahalliPost
Nearest City:Thippanahalli
Best time to visit: Best Place to visit in the month of June to march


Karnataka might not be called as the best state in India, but it is certainly catching up. The credit definitely goes to the stimulating climate that induces people for a holiday tour to this state again and again. The tropical monsoon climate that covers the entire coastal belt of Karnataka, gives the state a moderate summer and pleasant winters. The Southern part of Karnataka experiences hot, seasonally dry tropical savanna climate. The north Karnataka experiences hot, semi-arid, tropical steppe type of climate


In photos you can see are a Saligrama Moorthy and Saptharishi did the Prathistaparu(Build). The Moorthy's at Srirangam, Srirangapatana and Sri Rangastala all were installed on the same day and same time. Outside praharam and Gopuram etc were constructed by Vijayanagara Kings. There is a praharam around garbhagriha. If you closely observe you can observe as if the garbhagriham is in the shape of a Bamboo Basket we assume that Sri Ranganatha is in the middle of the basket. One more interesting story which we got is During Lord Rama's Patabhishekam Vibhishana also comes to attend it and in the end Rama presents a Lord Rangnatha's moorthy in Bamboo basket and Vibhishana is compelled to do the Prathistai in Srirangam and to commemorate the occasion the Saptharishi s do the Prathistai of Lord Ranganatha with Bhoo and Neela Devi here in Rangasthala. SO the Lord appears as if he is in Bamboo basket. The idol of Ranganatha is four and half feet in length with Bhoo and Neela Devi sitting near the leg. Lord is in Yoga Nidra and his Shesha is spreading his five hoods like a Umbrella. And Vainatheyan is sitting below . In the wall there are Sapthrishis ,Brahma, Ashta Dhikbalakas, Rambha ,Urvashi ,Pancha Ayudham's etc. and it appears as if Lord is in Vaikunta and he is surrounded by all the gods. And All Devatha's etc they are doing Namaskaram to Lord.

Interesting things to do:

Trekking, mountaineeering, and rock climbing are the best things to do in Chickballapur. There are five hills, locally known as Pancha Giris (literally five hills), about 15 km south of Chikballapur, including the tourist destination known as Nandi Hill. The five hills are known locally as Nandi Giri, Chandra Giri, Indra Giri, Brahma Giri, and Hema Giri. Also, there is a sixth hill known locally as Kalavaara Hill or Skanda Giri. The Nandi Hill, along the face known as Tippu's Drop, is good for vertical scaling
The Kalavaara Hill is very good for camping overnight at the top. On a good day, you will literally be above the clouds and see the clouds roll by.
The two hills, locally known as Pandava Hill and Kaurava Hill, named after the legendary fraternal enemies of Mahabharatic fame, about 11 km north of downtown Chikballapur, are also very good for mountaineering.

Interesting things to Visit:

Chikballapur is known for silviculture, it is difficult to find silk scarves or anything like it for gift-giving.

For those tourists who suffer from withdrawal symptoms if they do not buy something every day of their travel, the best option is to ask locals for a craft store.

It is best to stick to vegetarian food when you are in the Greater Chikballapur Area (GCA). There is one non-vegetarian restaurant Shreyas Restaurant on NH 7 that is worthy of recommendation.

The two best restaurants in Chikballapur are the ones that are part of the two hotels on National Highway 7. The hotels are called Shanthi Sagar and Brindavan. Both have outdoor seating. Both serve only vegetarian food. The food on offer is very good and the service is excellent, in both places.

Mobile range info:


How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:Chikkaballapur
Nearest Airport:Bangalore
Road Transport:To reach Rangasthala: From Bangalore, then Travel towards Chikkaballapur , then once you reach Chikkaballapur ask for Bus stand / Gauribidanur road Then if you travel 5 kms on Gauribidanur road on Right hand side you will find the Sign board Rangasthala take a right turn and travel till dead end Sheshadri Bhattar lives in the same temple compound, If any Seva is to be conducted, a week's time should suffice to make arrangements. The rate for Thirumanjanam is Rs.500/- & Kalayana Ustava is Rs.1000/-

Nearest Visiting places:

it's also know for adventure sports and well its also known for its A fortified defensive structure and temples, and other places you can visit while going Ranganatha Swamy temple are:
☀ Kolaramma temple
☀ Antharagange
☀ Nandi Hills,
☀ Rangasthala
☀ Minakanagurki
☀ Viduraswatha
☀ Kurudumale
☀ Bangaru Tirupati
☀ Bethamangala, Budikote
☀ Chintamani,
☀ Kaivara
☀ Gummanayakanapalaya.

Nearest Petrol Pump:



Hotel Sandarshini - in Chikkaballapur on the main Bangalore-Hyderabad highway NH-7 (B.B.Road),
Hotel Truptisagar - in Chikkaballapur on the main Bangalore-Hyderabad highway NH-7 (B.B.Road),
Hotel Shantisagar - in Chikkaballapur on the main Bangalore-Hyderabad highway NH-7 (B.B.Road),
Chats - Visit Pappu's Paanipuri Chat Centre, Basavanagudi Road, Chikkaballapur. (A must Visit)
Hotel Sowmya - (Lodge & Restaurant)in Chikkaballapur on the main Bangalore-Hyderabad highway NH-7 (B.B.Road),

Things to carry:


Tips & Suggestions:

Auto-Rickshaws are available. No metered one exists yet. Patiently negotiate the price before you get in. Local people are very helpful and may negotiate a good price for both parties.

Drivers in buses run by private operators are very solicitous. The bus driver will drop you off wherever you want. No special consideration necessary. The bus drivers in State run buses will tell you to take a hike.

Taxis are available. You have to negotiate the price before you board the vehicle. Please seek the assistance of a local in negotiating the price. A daily rate is also available in addition to the round trip rate.

The Temple Timings are :
Daily Morning 8.00 Am to 11.00 Pm and Evening 5.30 Pm to 8.30 Pm.

Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station:Chikkaballapur
Nearest Hospital:Chikkaballapur
Society/Community Phone Number

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