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Vidurashwatha is a small village located in the Gauribidanur taluk of Chikkaballapur district in the state of Karnataka, India. Situated near the Karnataka - Andhra Pradesh border and about 6km from Gauribidanur, it had a major role to play in the freedom movement of India.

Vidurashwatha is known as the Jallianwala Bagh of the South[1]. On April 25, 1938, as a part of the freedom struggle of India, a group of villagers had congregated in a ground to organise a Satyagraha. Similar to what happened at Jallianwala Bagh, police fired indiscriminately at the group resulting in the death of 10 people. A memorial has been erected in this location bearing the names of those who lost their lives in this incident.

Kolar town is the district headquarters. Among other things, this district is famous for the large quantities of gold that are available for extraction in the Kolar gold mines. Kolar is popularly known as the golden land of India owing to its famous Kolar Gold Fields.

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Address:Gauribidanur taluk of Chikkaballapur district in the state of Karnataka, India.
Nearest City:DB Pura
Best time to visit: Jan-Dec




Kolar is a place of great antiquity , but has passed through so many vicissitudes and was so much devasted by warfare and what little now remains in it is ancient. The Cholas and pallavas have contributed their builders. Later , the city was ruled by the Vijayanagara Kings. The fell of Vijayanagara empire has made room for several feudal lords and subsequently it came under the rule of Mysore Rajas. Hyder Ali Khan and Tippusultan effected several improvements since they were the last rulers before the IV Mysore war, when Tippusultan was defeated and Kingdom was shared by Mysore Rajas, Hyderabad Nijam, Marathas & Britishers ultimately. This town came under the rule of Maharaja of Mysore and since then several improvements have taken place and with a result that it became the district Head quarters. It was Krishnaraja Wodeyar who was responsible for connecting the road and Railways. As seen from study of above facts, the town has got a glorious and rich cultural heritage. The Makbara or Tomb of Hyder Ali's father is one of the Principal old buildings in Kolar and it is still maintained by Endowments. The major and important temples in the town are Kolaramma Temple and Someswara Temple.

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Mulbagal, Guttahalli, Kotilingeshwara, Nandi Hills, Antara Gange, Markandeya Hill, Kolaramma Temple, Someshwara Temple, Kurudumale, Avani, Therhalli, Budikote, Bethamangala, Bytarayappana Betta, Kolar Gold Fields, Kaivara, Vidhurashwatha, Chikballapur, Bangarpet.

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Nearest Railway Station:Kolar is well connected by rail and road with almost all the important towns and cities in the State
Nearest Airport:Bangalore
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Someswara Temple: This is fine example of Vijayanagara style, complete with a massive pillared mukha mandapa. Heavy Prakara walls , ornate Kalyana mantapa and a Devi Shrine, lofty gopura is known for fine stucco figures on the tower , while the door frame is carved in typical Vijayanagara style with dwarapalas etc.. The temple has large tank (Kalyani) also. There are vijayanagara inscriptions on the wall of store room and the yagashala datable to 15 cent A.D.

The Kolar Betta or Kolar Hills which are also known as Satasringa hills present a barren and rockery appearance on all sides but on the tops are some villages with irrigable lands. A perennial spring on the east of the hills called Antaraganga is deemed sacred culminated a small pond having a mantapa in the center supplied with water falling through the mouth of a stone Bull. This Place is also a popular picnic spot.
Kurudumale: The famous Kurudumale Temple is situated 12 Kms away from Mulabagal, was the capital of Hoysala Dynasty. The gaint 13.5 foot sculpture of kurudumale Ganesha and the Someswara Temple, attract thousands of visitors from the surrounding states.

Koti Lingeshwara: Kammasandra, a village 6 Kms away from Kolar Gold Fieid has a collection of number of Shiva Lingas. More than 80 lakhs of such Lingas have already been installed here since 1974. Among them 108 ft. height Linga is the main attraction. Accommodation and free food facilities are also available for Tourists.

The Kolar Gold Fields is located 27 Kms away from Kolar. The K.G.F. City is entirely a creation of the Gold mining industry. The Champion mine is the deepest mine in the world. The BEML, recently established at this place by the Union Government as a large scale industry for the manufacture of Earth moving Equipments and Crawler tractors.
Avani known as Gaya of the South, Avani has a cluster of Ramalingeshwara Temple all with in one courtyard dedicated to Lakshmana, Bharatha, and Shatrugna as well as a shankara muth built by the Nolamba dynasty. Legend has it, that the hill above was home to Valmiki's Ashram, where Lava and Kusha were Born and raised.

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DB Pura



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Kolar town is the district headquarters. Among other things, this district is famous for the large quantities of gold that are available for extraction in the Kolar gold mines. Kolar is popularly known as the golden land of India owing to its famous Kolar Gold Fields.

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Police Station:Kolar
Nearest Hospital:Kolar
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