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Chikka Thirupathi

Chikka Thirupathi


Chikka Thirupathi : This sleepy little town is 10 km off Sarjapur. It takes about an hour from the Sarjapur ring-road junction. The road (if you can call it that) is very bad for a few kilometres after the Wipro office. It gets much better as you near Sarjapur. The scenery certainly isn't breathtaking, but it is a nice break from the chaos in Bangalore. There are plenty of small villages and farms on the way. The temple at Chikka Tirupati wasn't very crowded in the evening.

Location info:

Address:Chikka Thirupath little town is 10 km off Sarjapur. It takes about an hour from the Sarjapur ring-road junction.
Nearest City:Sarjapur
Best time to visit: Jan-Dec


Karnataka might not be called as the best state in India, but it is certainly catching up. The credit definitely goes to the stimulating climate that induces people for a holiday tour to this state again and again. The tropical monsoon climate that covers the entire coastal belt of Karnataka, gives the state a moderate summer and pleasant winters. The Southern part of Karnataka experiences hot, seasonally dry tropical savanna climate. The north Karnataka experiences hot, semi-arid, tropical steppe type of climate.

History of Chikka Thirupathi:

Chikka Tirupathi, as the name suggests, is a miniature of the real Tirupathi. The story of this place goes like this. 'Agni', the fire god, during the incineration (dahana) of the forest of herbs (khandava vana), causes burn injuries to the serpent god Takshaka. Takshaka bestows Agni with a curse that he lose his 'tejas'. A perturbed Agni comes to Lord Krishna, who suggests that the way out for him is to please Lord Vishnu, who can restore his 'tejas'. So Agni gets the 'shaapa-vimochana' by performing a penance and pleasing Vishnu. With great joy, Agni builds a temple for Lord Venkateswara at Chikka Tirupathi. The lord here is aptly named as 'Prasanna Venkateshwara'. All the utsavams that are held at Tirupathi are also held here. But compared to the main Tirupathi, not much rush was seen here.

Interesting things to do:


Interesting things to Visit:

Chikka Thirupathi temple, Krishnagiri Dam

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How to reach Chikka Thirupathi?

Nearest Railway Station:Bangalore
Nearest Airport:Bangalore
Road Transport:Kundalahalli (a.k.a. Brookefields) and it is just 9 kms from Whitefield. NH207 starts from Whitefield and goes past Channasandra, Ettagudi and Kalkunte to take us to Chikka Tirupathi. A total distance of about 20 kms from the NH207 starting point. The route is quite unlike what you get to see even upto Whitefield. Shady trees, green fields, vegetable plantations, quiet roads ... etc. All the ingredients that make up a nice drive. The road is patchy at a few places, but that can be discounted.

Nearest Visiting places in Chikka Thirupathi:

Krishnagiri:to reach Hosur by 13:00 hrs, via Sarjapur, reasonably good road. From Hosur, Krishnagiri is 49 kms. The 4-lane express highway (NH-7) is simply superb.There is a fort at Krishnagiri, built by Tipu Sultan, the Tiger of Mysore. It is within the town limits of Krishnagiri. An amazing view

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Hotels/Lodge/Accommodation nearby Chikka Thirupathi:

Deserted dhaba: It was a simple but beautiful place, with a small pond (created by water from a borewell) on one side and fields on the other. Had a filling breakfast of aloo parathas and some 'kurukal thindi'. washed the vessels in the pond, village 'ishtyle', and proceed.

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Tips & Suggestions for Chikka Thirupathi:

Chikka-tirupati is 10km off Sarjapur. It's a nice getaway from Bangalore. Takes about an hour to get there from Sarjapur road ring road junction (about 28km). The road is bad for a good distance after the Wipro office and there is nothing spectacular along the route. But is still is the easiest way out of the chaos in the city.

Not much is documented about these temples and there are confusing articles too. Firstly, to sort out the confusion. There are 2 Tirupathi representations near Bangalore. One is called Chikka Tirupathi and the other is called Bangaru Tirupathi. Chikka Tirupathi is the place I visited on Sep 1, and Bangaru Tirupathi is at a place called Guttahalli in Malur Taluka in Kolar District (not yet visited). The legend (link 2 below) regarding Agni Devata is associated with Chikka Tirupathi and not Bangaru Tirupathi.

Make sure you keep asking the villagers if you are on the right route. Another key to see is for the yellow painted milestones bearing the number 207. The road is not an absolutely straight one, and turns at right angles at places. Any road that has not been tarred well enough or is not wide enough is not NH207.

Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station:Sarjapur
Nearest Hospital:Sarjapur
Society/Community Phone NumberDepartment of Tourism. 1st Floor,'F' Block,Cauvery Bhavan,K.G.Rd. Tel: +91-80-2215489

Tourism Information Counter
Bangalore Airport: +91-80-5268012.
Railway Station: +91-80-2870068
Govt. of India Tourist Office: KSFC Building,48,Church Street. Tel: +91-80-558517.

Conducted Tours Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation organizes a half-day Bangalore Sightseeing Tour. For details please call the KSTDC Head Office-Tel: +91-80-2212901/2212902/2275883/2275869. Fax: +91-80-2238016

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