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Antharagange Temples



One of the ancient temples of india. It has miraculous water coming from mouth of got cow statue 365 dayz a year. It is a holy place people visit this temple from many parts of the Karnataka, Kolar District and karnataka state on Mahashivratri festival day every year. It is protected by Forest authority of india, has lots of Monkeys and wild Deers.

Antharagange hill, considered to be the hidden treasure of natural resources, is situated near Kolar, the land of gold. The hill is just a stone's throw away from Kolar and any season is just fine to visit the place.

Antharagange, enriched with Shola forests, has been attracting tourists from various parts of the country, throughout the year. The region, covered by seven to eight huge hills, is also known for its rich wildlife and biodiversity.

Reaching this place is in fact a real good physical exercise as one has to climb thousands of steps. The Kashi Vishweshwara temple, situated on top of the hill, attracts a good number of devotees. Water flowing out of the mouth of a small basava (bull) statue installed beside the temple is considered as the 'prasadam' of Lord Shiva. This water flows into a pond beside the temple.

Location info:

Address:Near Kolar, 70 Kms from Bangalore from Bangalore - on Old Madras Road
Nearest City:Kolar
Best time to visit: any season is just fine to visit the place.


Karnataka might not be called as the best state in India, but it is certainly catching up. The credit definitely goes to the stimulating climate that induces people for a holiday tour to this state again and again. The tropical monsoon climate that covers the entire coastal belt of Karnataka, gives the state a moderate summer and pleasant winters. The Southern part of Karnataka experiences hot, seasonally dry tropical savanna climate. The north Karnataka experiences hot, semi-arid, tropical steppe type of climate

History of Antharagange Temples:

The Kolar district in Karnataka is bounded by Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh and has been at the center of history, with several dynasties ruling the region.

Historically The Banas and the Gangas ruled this region until the 9th and the centuries respectively. The Cholas took over this region around 1000 CE, and later on the Hoysalas and the Vijayanagara rulers ruled this area. They were followed by the Deccan rulers of Bijapur and then the Mysore Wodeyars.
This region is home to legends from the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Antharagange beTTa - An ancient Shiva temple is built around Antharagange (water that flows from mountain under heavy rocks, it is visible in only two places in the hill). The hill range is known as shataShrunga parvatha shrENi, since there are 100 peaks of this hill range. To reach Antharagange temple and water body, we need to hike up about 150 steps, and If we trek up the hill, further from the temple, we will get to 7 villages, ancient and beautiful.

We hiked to find about three villages, one of which was tEru haLLi, where an ancient temple, of Gangadhareshwara was an amazing site; I was not expecting all these, since I never had a chance before to go up the hill, after Antharagange. The temple, in ruins today, was a surprise and prize find for me, for the reasons that I dint know there existed a history for this hilly area.

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Another problem the hill is confronted with is from the tourists who visit the place. Lack of civic sense in tourists has spoilt the beauty of the place, for strewn everywhere on the hill are plastic bags and liquor bottles. It is high time the authorities concerned took appropriate measures to conserve the beauty of the hill in all its glory.

Interesting things to Visit:

Anthargange is a hill range with huge volcanic rocks and boulders scattered all over. This place is around seventy kilometers from Bangalore. Thorny shrubs cover the hill, while there is dense plantation forest at the base. Flight of steps, halfway the hill leads to an ancient temple. The spring at this temple is claimed to wash off your sins. The forty-five minutes hill climbing will keep you panting for breath and opens up for an extensive and beautiful green plateau on the top. Anthargange is an ideal location for light trek, rock climbing and camping. Big and small boulders have helped to form cave like formations offering exhilarating network of cave exploration activity

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How to reach Antharagange Temples?

Nearest Railway Station:Kolar
Nearest Airport:Bangalore
Road Transport:70 Kms from Bangalore from Bangalore - on Old Madras Road

Nearest Visiting places in Antharagange Temples:

AvaNi beTTa: A very little known, yet, highly spiritual mountain stands hiding a million stories from the past. Unfortunately, no historian has documented the place, nor the archeological department has done any research on here... But a very nice place to research about is this.

There is a small cave, where it is said that seethe gave birth to lava and kusha, after finding out that it was an ashram, inhabited by none other than the Brahmarshi, Vaalmiki. The cave, which has a very small entrance, is as mysterious and real as the story is. Newly married ladies get a handful of mud from this cave, which is considered as sacred, and drink with milk every morning for a week, and get healthy babies, as the locals describe!

kudure kallu :There is another place, which is called kudure kallu, where it is said that lava-kusha trapped the horse of Sree Rama, stopping the unprecedented march of the royal horse for the great ashwamedha yaaga of Sree Rama.

Kurudumale temple: an extraordinary Ganesha temple, about which I have talked time and again, also was put on the itinerary at the last moment that made our journey back to Bangalore inevitably a night ride.

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Devotees believe this water to possess medicinal values. Hence, certain unscrupulous elements are trying to cash in on this belief and are selling it at a cost of Rs 10 per litre. There is a great demand for this water.
"The quality of water that we get in our taps is very poor. So I have been purchasing Antharagange water for quite some time now," says Marappa, a native of Kolar.

For many people, selling Antharagange water has become a small time business enterprise. Everyday they collect hundreds of litres of water in plastic cans and sell the same down the hill.
"Water is a natural resource and nobody can claim its ownership. Sadly, in Antharagange, people are cashing in on others' beliefs," rues Irappa Kambali, a writer and an environmentalist who has been visiting the place for the past 15 years.

Another problem the hill is confronted with is from the tourists who visit the place. Lack of civic sense in tourists has spoilt the beauty of the place, for strewn everywhere on the hill are plastic bags and liquor bottles.
It is high time the authorities concerned took appropriate measures to conserve the beauty of the hill in all its glory.

Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station:Kolar
Nearest Hospital:Kolar
Society/Community Phone NumberDepartment of Tourism. 1st Floor,'F' Block,Cauvery Bhavan,K.G.Rd. Tel: +91-80-2215489

Tourism Information Counter
Bangalore Airport: +91-80-5268012.
Railway Station: +91-80-2870068
Govt. of India Tourist Office: KSFC Building,48,Church Street. Tel: +91-80-558517.

Conducted Tours Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation organizes a half-day Bangalore Sightseeing Tour. For details please call the
KSTDC Head Office-Tel: +91-80-2212901/2212902/2275883/2275869.
Fax: +91-80-2238016

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