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Ghataprabha Wildlife Sanctuary

Ghataprabha Wildlife Sanctuary


This is located in Belgaum district and is spread over 20.78 km2. This sanctuary is known for migratory birds like demoiselle crane and European white stork.

Belgaum district is a district in the state of Karnataka, India. The city of Belgaum is the district headquarters. By the 2001 Census of India, it had a population of 4,214,505 of which 24.03% were urban. [1] The district has an area of 12,000 square kilometers, and is bounded on the west and north by Maharashtra state, on the northeast by Bijapur District, on the east by Bagalkot District, on the southeast by Gadag District, on the south by Dharawad District and Uttara Kannada districts, and on the southwest by the state of Goa. The languages spoken in this district include Kannada and Marathi.

Location info:

Address:This is located in Belgaum district and is spread over 20.78 km2.
District:Belgaum district
Nearest City:Gokak
Best time to visit: Oct.-Dec




Belgaum is the Divisional Head quarter of North Karnataka The ancient name of the town of Belgaum was Venugrama, meaning Bamboo Village. It is also called as Malnad Pradesh.The most ancient place in the district is Halsi; and this, according to inscriptions on copper plates discovered in its neighborhood, was once the capital of a dynasty of nine Kadamba kings. It appears that from the middle of the 6th century to about 760 the area was held by the Chalukyas, who were succeeded by the Rashtrakutas. After the break-up of the Rashtrakuta power a portion of it survived in the Rattas (875-1250), who from 1210 onward made Venugrama their capital. Inscriptions give evidence of a long struggle between the Rattas and the Kadambas of Goa, who succeeded in the latter years of the 12th century in acquiring and holding part of the district. By 1208, however, the Kadambas had been overthrown by the Rattas, who in their turn succumbed to the Yadavas of Devagiri in 1250. After the overthrow of the Yadavas by the Delhi Sultanate (1320), Belgaum was for a short time under the rule of the latter; but only a few years later the part south of the Ghataprabha River was subject to the Hindu rajas of Vijayanagara. In 1347 the northern part was conquered by the Bahmani Sultanate, which in 1473 took the town of Belgaum and conquered the southern part also. When Aurangzeb overthrew the Bijapur sultans in 1686, Belgaum passed to the Mughals. In 1776 the country was overrun by Hyder Ali of Mysore, but was retaken by the Peshwa with British assistance. In 1818 it was handed over to the British East India Company.In 1836 the southern district continuing to be known as Dharwad, the northern as Belgaum.

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Nearest Railway Station:Gokak Rd-2.0, Belgaum-83
Nearest Airport:Bangalore
Road Transport:Bus service is available form Bangalore.

Nearest Visiting places:

☀ Hooli Panchalingeshwara temple Hooli 9 km from Savadatti, one of the oldest village in the district, it is famous for 'Panchaligeswara temple. Other ruined Chalukya temples waiting for conservation and restoration.
☀ Saundatti Famous for Savadatti Fort. Saundatti Fort, North Karnataka
☀ Kamala Narayana Temple, Degaon ( Degamve / Devgram ) Degaon Kamala Narayana temple 5 km from Kittur. Degaon Kamala Narayana temple 5 km from Kittur, North Karnataka
☀ Kasamalgi Parshwanatha Kasamalgi Parshwanatha, 10 km from Kittur and 5 km from Kamala Narayana Temple, Degaon ( Degamve / Devgram ). Kasamalgi Parshwanatha, 5 km from Kittur
☀ Halasi There is a famous Kadamba temple of Bhuvaraha Narasimha. Bhuvaraha Narasimha temple Halasi, North Karnataka
☀ Yallammagudda
☀ Navilateertha
☀ Jamboti, 20 km south-west of Belgaum, is a popular tourist spot with its evergreen hilltop forests.
☀ Varapoha Falls, where the Mandovi River plunges 60 meters, is a beautiful waterfall in Belgaum district.
☀ Gokak Falls
☀ Belgaum Fort which is in the heart of the city. The Kote lake is also a beautiful lake to visit. Inside the fort we can find an ancient Kamala Basadi and Chikka Basadi Jain temples. Just few metres walk to this temple you can find Ramkrishna Ashrama where you can relax. There is an ancient Masjid also in the fort.
☀ Belgaum Cantonment with both Portuguese and British style buildings,churches and schools.
☀ Parasgad Fort
☀ Kittur

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Police Station:Gokak
Nearest Hospital:Gokak
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Ghataprabha Wildlife Sanctuary Nearest Attraction

Shri Yellamma Devi Fair
This fair is held at Yellamma temple that is situated in Saundatti area of Belgaum district. Yelamma devi is worshipped in this holy sanctum. The temple is situated on the top of the hill that is known as Yellammagudda.The fairs are held many times amidst October and February, yet the celebration is at peak on the day of Margasira.....more
The Godachi Fair
The Godachi fair is held at Godachi village in Ramdurg Taluk of Karnataka. It is held in the month of Kartik This fair is held in the honour of Shri Veerabhadra and it is organized by the government of Karnataka.Organized by the government of Karnataka, this fair takes place at the Godachi village in Ramdurg Taluk of Karnataka.....more
Devarayana durga temple
Devarayan Durga is a rocky hill station situated in the midst of picturesque scenery at an altitude of 3940 feet, about nine miles east of Tumkur town of Karnataka State of India. It is 65 km from Bangalore, India, by road on Tumkur road There are 3 elevations and seven gates leading to the top.....more
Gokak falls
The Gokak Falls is a waterfall located on the Ghataprabha river in Belgaum district of Karnataka, India. The waterfall is six kilometers away from Gokak, a nearby town.After a long winding course, Ghataprabha river takes a leap of 52 metres over the sand-stone cliff amidst a picturesque gorge of the rugged valley.....more
Varapoha Falls
Varapoha Falls is situated in the Belgaum District of Karnataka, India in the hilly surroundings of the Jamboti forest. This fall is on the Mandovi river, the water of the river falls from a height of about 150 feets. It is one of the few less known & most spectacular fall of the Western Ghats, which is still unspoiled and not choked.....more
Hidkal Dam
Constructed across Ghataprabha River, Hidkal Dam is situated at Hukkeri in Belgaum district in the state of Karnataka, India.Also known as Raja Lakhamgowda Dam, this dam site is important because many fossils have been revealed in nearby areas....more