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Devarayana Durga Temples

Devarayana durga temple


Devarayan Durga is a rocky hill station situated in the midst of picturesque scenery at an altitude of 3940 feet, about nine miles east of Tumkur town of Karnataka State of India. It is 65 km from Bangalore, India, by road on Tumkur road There are 3 elevations and seven gates leading to the top.

The lowest elevation situated is the Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple. Near by are 2 springs known as Ane done and Jaya tirtha, they form the source of the streams Mangali and Jaya. These unite at Irukasandra at the foothill. These hills are the source of the river Shimsha.

At the mid elevation, there are two other springs known as Rama-tirtha and Dhanus-tirtha. There is a large cave nearby with figures of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana. One can find the Government Travellers Bungalow and few places of rest here.

The most important of all are the Yoganarasimha and the Bhoganarasimha temples.

Location info:

Address:Devarayan Durga is a rocky hill station situated in the midst of picturesque scenery at an altitude of 3940 feet, about nine miles east of Tumkur town of Karnataka State of India. It is 65 km from Bangalore, India, by road on Tumkur road
Nearest City:Tumkur
Best time to visit: Jan-Dec


If you visit very old houses in Bangalore you will not find a hook for the fan. The weather was so good in Bangalore even in 1970s. Compared to other cities even today Bangalore has excellent weather but the temperature seems to be rising year by year. Highest temperature recorded are as follows,

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History of Devarayana Durga Temples:

Originally known as Anebiddasari (the place where the elephant fell) it was named after a chief named Jadaka called as Jadakana Durga. Finally this place is known as Devarayana Durga after it was captured by Mysore king Chikka Devaraja Wodeyar.

Tradition relates that Sumati, a prince, whose father, Hemachandra, was the king of Karnata and ruled from Yadupattana. He fought for this place having overthrown a robber chief named Andhaka or Lingaka. Sumathi is said to have established the city of Bhumandana near the present Nelamangala.

During the Hoysalas rule, A rogue elephant seems to have fallen down the steep rock, this place is known as Anebiddasari. According to the sthala purana, a Gandharva suddenly appeared before the town to the great consternation of the people and after doing considerable mischief, tried to walk up the steep rock on the west, when it slipped, fell back and was killed. The hill is accordingly called as Karigiri in the Puranas.

During the Vijayanagara Kings rule, a large tank, named Bukkasamudra, was made throwing an embankment across the gorge from which waters from the river Jayamangali flowed. One can still see the remains of the embankment and of the adjacent town.

Interesting things to do:

The Car festival: or the Jatre of the Devarayana Durga Sri Bhoga Narasimhaswamy is held during Phalguna Masa(month), shuddha poornima (Full moon) day around the Month of March/April in Devarayanadurga. On this day the chariot/car/Ratha of Sri Bhoga Narasimhaswamy is drawn in the main Ratha beedhi of the hill town. The festival draws devotees from all over Bangalore-Tumkur and surrounding region.

Narasimha Jayanthi: Devarayanadurga Sri Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy's Jayanthi, an annual celebration of Narasimha avathara day or the birth day of Narasimha takes place during month of Chaitra, Shudha chathurdashi (May month). During this occasion thousands of people gather from all parts of Karnataka and celebrate. Eats and savories like Panakam(Jaggery drink), buttermilk, phalamruth and free feeding is done to all devotees coming for the Darshan(Sacred View) of Lord.

Giri Pradakshine: According to the Hindu puranas, the ritual of circling the hills known as Giri Pradakshine on which the temples were situated, is considered very sacred. Many devotees undertake this journey at Devarayana Durga.

Interesting things to Visit:

It is the habitat of the Yellow Throated Bulbul, which is one of the endangered birds. Devarayana Durga state forest is also home for lot of wild animals such as common deer, leopards, bears, including the elusive tiger.

Just before Devarayana Durga, you see a natural spring called "namada chilume" on the foothills. This has a historic background relating to early chOLa's regime.

Mobile range info:

How to reach Devarayana Durga Temples?

Nearest Railway Station:25 km away in Dobbespet
Nearest Airport:Bangalore
Road Transport:68 kms from Bangalore, 14 kms from Tumkur Town
From Bangalore -> Yeshwanthpur -> Dobbespet -> right turn under the flyover leads to Devarayandurga
From Bangalore -> Kyatsandra, after second toll gate(1Km) on Tumkur road take a right at Kyatsandra -> Siddaganga Mutt -> Namada Chilume -> Hanuman Temple Devarayanadurga. (Recommended Route)

Nearest Visiting places in Devarayana Durga Temples:

Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple : This temple has been built in the Dravidian style of architecture, faces east. It has been constructed by Kanthirava Narasaraja I. The enclosure and tower were repaired in 1858 by the Mysore king Krishnaraja Wodeyar III according to the inscriptions. At the base of the hill is the Bhoga Narasimha temple and Yoga Narasimha temple is on top of the hill.

Narasimah , Kumbhi :There is a temple of Narasimah , Kumbhi on the third elevation stands. This Narasimha temple consists of a Garbhagriha, a sukanasi, a navagraha and a mukhamantapa .There are three sacred ponds or Kalyani here known as Narasimha-teertha, Parasara-teertha and Pada-teertha. A Hanuman temple, known as Sanjivaraya, who stands with folded hands is present. This temple is said to be older than the Lakshmi Narasimha temple. Higher up above is a small shrine of Garuda.

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Hotels/Lodge/Accommodation nearby Devarayana Durga Temples:

Amblee Resorts Upon River Cauvery,Mysore-Bangalore Highway,Srirangapatna-571438 Phone: +91-80-917-52326

Angana - The Country Inn No. 55, Pattareddy Palya, Kaggalipura, 25th Km, Kanakpura Road, Bangalore South Phone: +91-80-2843 2888

Angsana Oasis Spa & Resort Bangalore Main Doddaballapur Road, Addevishwana Thapura Village, Rajanukunte, Bangalore 560064 Phone: +91-80-2846 8893 Fax: +91-80-2846 8897 E-mail: bangalore@angsana.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

B.R.Hills WildLife Adventure Resort K.Gudi, Phone: +91-8226-23182

Beach Resort Maravanthe Beach,Post Tarasi,Kundapura Taluk, Udupi - 576235 Phone: +91-8254-45401

Things to carry:

Tips & Suggestions for Devarayana Durga Temples:

Direct bus available from KSRTC bus stand Bangalore Platform No: 3 at 8:00 am in the morning. Return direct buses are available at 3:30 pm and 4:00 pm. Always take the direct bus available as they do via the nearest route, unlike us who went via Tumkur.
If you are going by a private vehicle there are other places which can be visited near by, one which I can recollect is Sivagange, please ask around and you will surely find quite a few options.
The total expenses incurred by us for the journey was Rs. 131/- per head including the tickets and the food. Hence it is quite a cheap trip if you go by bus. Still cheaper if you can pack and take you food along. Though the small shop offering food is quite reasonably priced.
Do not just go till the temple at the top and return, instead climb further to the top for the ultimate experience.

Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station:Tumkur
Nearest Hospital:Tumkur
Society/Community Phone NumberDepartment of Tourism. 1st Floor,'F' Block,Cauvery Bhavan,K.G.Rd. Tel: +91-80-2215489

Tourism Information Counter
Bangalore Airport: +91-80-5268012.
Railway Station: +91-80-2870068
Govt. of India Tourist Office: KSFC Building,48,Church Street. Tel: +91-80-558517.

Conducted Tours Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation organizes a half-day Bangalore Sightseeing Tour. For details please call the KSTDC Head Office-Tel: +91-80-2212901/2212902/2275883/2275869. Fax: +91-80-2238016



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