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Muthyala Maduvu Waterfall

Muthyala Maduvu Waterfall


Muthyalamaduvu is a picnic spot near Anekal, 40 km from Bangalore, Karnataka, India.In the local Kannada language, Muthyalamaduvu means 'pearl valley' (muthu = pearl and maduvu = valley), apparently named for its 92 meter waterfall, whose falling water appears to look like drops of pearl.The source of the water is the nearby Onakanahalli Tank. There are quite a few resorts to chose from nearby and there is a KSTDC run restaurant. Due to its verdant foliage, Muthyalamaduvu is popular among urbanites as a weekend retreat.

Muthyalamaduvu is an hours drive from Bangalore. It is approximately 35 km on the periphery of Banneraghatta National Park.To reach the place, head out on Banneraghatta Road, continue beyond Banneraghatta National Park and reach Anekal. The road from Bangalore to Anekal is quite good but after the right turn at Anekal for Muthyalamaduvu, don't expect good roads (Or don't expect roads :-)).

The entire stretch from Bangalore (after Bannerghatta National Park) is very scenic and beautiful. Don't expect to find any food or accommodations, but you may find some one selling beer and soft drinks.The Muthyala Maduvu Waterfall (lit. Pearl Valley) is situated in the Vishabhavahi Valley near Bangalore in Karnataka

If you are in and around Bangalore, have a half day at your disposal and would want to visit some nice waterfalls or a quite place near the town, head to Muthyala Madu(Muthyala Maduvu, and also sometimes awkwardly called pearl valley). But keep in mind that you can find water in the falls only for some days after it rains.Muthyala Maduvu which means pearl valley is a picnic spot with a captivating waterfall. The attraction of the spot is the waterfalls which is formed by thin jets of water which gushes down from a height of 90 meters. The jets of water form a pond giving it the notion of pearls.

The Pearl Valley is 40 kms away from Bangalore. At the bottom of the valley lots of rocks under shady trees can be seen. A waterfall from the rocky side of the valley is visible. People can be seen splashing around in the little pool which is at the bottom of the fall.

The name originates from the splashing pearl-like drops of water created by the waterfall, which falls from a height of approximately 91 meters / 300 feet.
A descent of a few hundred stairs will lead to the valley. This mild form of exercise is well worth the effort, and will reward you with an embracing experience of nature's beauty. Here you could indulge in swimming and enjoy an up-close and personal encounter with the waterfall. However, the beautiful waterfall is seasonal, and is usually in its best form after the rains. The walking trails around the waterfall offer you calmness of silence, occasionally interrupted by gurgling streams and flapping butterflies. The omnipresent religious symbol is reflected by the shrine of Shiva that overlooks this landscape, without which the place would be incomplete.

Location info:

Nearest City: Anekal is the nearest known village. Bangalore is the nearest city.
Best time to visit: The best time to visit is immediately after the monsoons, which is between October and November. During this period the waterfall is in its full form, and one could experience nature's beauty at its zenith


The weather is similar to that of Bangalore. Maximum and minimum temperatures range between:-

36°C and 20°C in summers - March to May

27°C and 17°C in winter - December to February



Interesting things to do:


Interesting things to Visit:


Mobile range info:


How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:
Nearest Airport:

Road Transport:Taxis are available from Bangalore.

Bangalore->Banneraghatta Road->Banneraghatta National Park->Anekal->Muthyala Maduvu

It will be approximately 40 kms. to reach Muthyala Maduvu.
The alternative route is via Hosur Road:
Route 2: Bangalore->Hosur Road->Chandapura->Anekal->Muthyala Maduvu
This route will take approximately 50 kms. to reach Muthyala Maduvu. preferred the second route because the roads in Route 1 are bad after Bannerghatta.

By Bus:

From Bangalore, KSRTC has regular bus services to and from the Anekal Bus Station. These services are also available to Sarjapur, Chandapura and few other places, as well.

By Train:

The Bangalore-Hosur railway line connects Bangalore to Ankel Road Railway Station. Under the administration of the South Western Railways, the Bangalore-Salem passenger train passes through this station.

Road Quality:

The roads are curved and not in an excellent condition, but are manageable. A 45 km distance will take approximately one hour to one and a half, depending on time you choose to travel and traffic congestion. This presents you with another reason to leave early, and overtake the bottlenecks that form later in the day.


Nearest Visiting places:

The major attraction is the waterfall, which attracts anyone who sees it to take a plunge into its pearly pond. The brief hikes following the stream further down in the valley, will offer you serene spaces. On clear days, these trails offer beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and the cascading waterfalls. The walking trails do not require a guide, and you could follow the stream on a well trodden path to find your spaces. These hikes give you different views of the waterfall and the mountains. They also help in escaping the noisy crowds during weekends and litter found near the pond.
Some of the other attractions are:-
The Muthyala Eshwara Temple
Shiv temple, where you could pay respects to Lord Shiva.
The hilltop KSTDC restaurant
Serves as a watering hole for thirsty and hungry travellers.
The complimentary fresh air and huge, colourful butterflies flutter away minor nuisances, which could be overlooked.

Nearest Petrol Pump:



There is a new Pearl Valley resort that is open to visitors. You may contact Mr. Bhaskar Paul (Manager) on pearl_valley@yahoo.com.

The nearest accommodation available is a traveller's bungalow, located 6 kms from Anekal. You may contact Block Development Officer in Anekal for reservations

Things to carry:

A day pack consisting of the following is recommended:-
Mineral water bottles - if you do not wish to buy it off vendors on the way,
First aid kit - for emergencies,
A pair of extra clothes - in case you decide to swim or if you get drenched in the rain,
Food or snacks - which you could also buy on the way in Anekal or at the hilltop restaurant.

Tips & Suggestions:

It is best to reach early morning to avoid the crowd that visits the waterfall during the day. The inflow of visitors also increases in the weekend. So if you are in search of peace and tranquility, these are the tips:
Arrive early to leave behind the noisy groups.
Visit the place during the week.

Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station:

Nearest Hospital:


Sri Raghava Childrens' & General Hospital - Attibele Anekal (TQ), Anekal, Bangalore - 562106; Phone: 080-27821454
(Landmark: Opposite Syndicate Bank)


Narayana Hrudayalaya, No. 258/A, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Anekal Taluk, Bangalore Taluk, Bangalore. Phone - 080-7835000


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