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Chunchi Waterfall

Chunchi Falls


Chunchi Waterfalls The waterfall is on tributary of Kaveri, lying amidst rocky hills with shrub vegetation. It is a small deviation from the road to Mekedatu, famous for the waterfall through a small gap between two rocks. The fall follows the confluence of two smaller streams, which run down to the fall in cascades.

You can take a day's break and visit this bewitching place located in Kankapura taluk in Bangalore rural district. The waterfall is about 6km away from the deviation of the river. The waterfall is surrounded with deep green forests, adding to the natural beauty of the place.

The first thing that strikes you in Chunchi Falls is not the waterfall as you would expect. You will be amazed by the spread of rocks all along the banks of Arkavati River, which appear as if someone had meticulously chiseled these rocks to their liking. Delve deeper and you can imagine many shapes and meanings in these naturally formed rocks. After you tread on these rocks carefully for a while, the real culprit emerges slowly from behind some of the rocks. The Arkavati River which has shaped these rocks, first flows slowly, as if she is ashamed of her chiseling act, and then boldly cascades down from some pillar like rocks, providing you with a beautiful view.

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Nearest City: Kanakapura
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The weather is almost as good or as bad is it is in Kanakpura. Although the magnificence of Chunchi Falls is best seen in the rainy seasons, the slippery rocks may play spoilsport in these seasons.




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Located in Kanakpura taluk in Bangalore District, Chunchi Falls satiates the nature lovers appetite for waterfalls and natural surroundings. You will have to travel 55 km from Bangalore to reach Kanakpura, then take a deviation to Sangam and drive on that road for 25km and take another deviation towards Yelehalli and drive 5km to reach Chunchi falls. Although the route to Chunchi Falls is full of greenery, the road and the surroundings themselves will not give you even a clue about the things to come.

There are lots of buses and private vehicles available from Bangalore to Kanakpura. From Kanakapura, you have to take some other bus to the Chunchi Falls. Now why there are no KSRTC buses directly from Bangalore to Kanakapura, even though its a tourist attraction, is as old a question as the chiseled rocks on the banks of Arkavati River themselves.
Other Vehicles
You can take a bike since the distance is short. You can take other vehicles too.
Road Quality
Although the Kanakapura highway provides you almost a dream run, the nightmare begins soon after you take the diversion.

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If you like what you see in Chunchi Falls and wish to go to the root of it, travel to Sangama which is 6 km away from Chunchi Falls. Sangama is the confluence of Arkavathi and Kaveri(Cauvery)
In Kannada Mekedatu means the place where goats cross the small river. Remember that the saying only speaks about the goats and not about the humans. So be very careful while trying to cross the river.

Nearest Petrol Pump:

Petrol Bunk Kanakapura


Nearest Hotel Kanakapura, Sangama (small shops)

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Carry Some Food
You may love nature. But it does not look very beautiful if you are hungry and if you have not brought anything to eat. There no hotels near the falls and you should be unbelievably hungry to like the food you get in Kanakapura.

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Nearest Hospital:Nearest Medical Help Kanakapura, Sangama

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