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Ghataprabha River

Ghataprabha River


The Ghataprabha river is a tributary of the Krishna River and flows in state of Karnataka, India. It originates in the Western Ghats at an altitude of 884 meters and flows eastward for a distance of 283 kilometers before its confluence with the Krishna River. The river basin is 8,829 square kilometers wide and stretches across Karnataka and Maharashtra states. The Hiranyakeshi River and the Markandeya River are tributaries of the Ghataprabha.

The Ghataprabha river rises in the Western Ghats and flows eastwards for a length of 283 km before joining the Krishna. The river debouches by 53 metres at Gokak Falls in Belgaum (Belagaavi) District.
Belgaum district is located in the Northwest region of Karnataka State. The ancient name of the Belgaum was Venugrama (in Sanskrit) meaning village of Bamboos. Till 1961, Belgaum was a part of the Bombay state. With creation of states based on the languages, Belgaum was brought under Karnataka State. The languages spoken here are Kannada and Marathi.

The Belgaum district is bounded on the west and north by Maharashtra state, on the east by Bagalkot district, on the northeast by Bijapur district, on the southeast by Gadag district, on the south by Dharawad district and Uttara Kannada district, and on the southwest by the state of Goa.

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Address:The Ghataprabha river is a tributary of the Krishna River and flows in state of Karnataka, India.
District:Belgaum district.
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Belgaum has been ruled by the Chalukyas, the Rashtrakutas, the Rattas, the Goa Kadambas, the Yadavas, the Vijayanagar rulers, the Bahmanis and the Marathas. Kittur in Belgaum district is a place of historical importance, it participated actively in the Freedom Movement with whole country. Rani Chennamma, one of the prominent lady warriors of Kittur is known for her resistance to British rule. She along with Sangolli Rayanna and Babasaheb was first to start this movement.

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* The Gokak waterfall on the river is a noted tourist attraction.
* The Ghataprabha Project at Hidkal is a hydroelectric and irrigational dam across the river.

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Nearest Railway Station:Hubli
Nearest Airport:Bangalore
Road Transport:Gokak is well connected by Road to Parts of the country.

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Distance from Belgaum to the following places:

1. Badami - 160 Kms
2. Bangalore - 502 Kms
3. Gokak - 60 Kms
4. Hubli - 82 Kms
5. Karwar - 167 Kms

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Police Station:Gokak
Nearest Hospital:Gokak
Society/Community Phone Number

Ghataprabha River Nearest Attraction

Shri Yellamma Devi Fair
This fair is held at Yellamma temple that is situated in Saundatti area of Belgaum district. Yelamma devi is worshipped in this holy sanctum. The temple is situated on the top of the hill that is known as Yellammagudda.The fairs are held many times amidst October and February, yet the celebration is at peak on the day of Margasira.....more
The Godachi Fair
The Godachi fair is held at Godachi village in Ramdurg Taluk of Karnataka. It is held in the month of Kartik This fair is held in the honour of Shri Veerabhadra and it is organized by the government of Karnataka.Organized by the government of Karnataka, this fair takes place at the Godachi village in Ramdurg Taluk of Karnataka.....more
Devarayana durga temple
Devarayan Durga is a rocky hill station situated in the midst of picturesque scenery at an altitude of 3940 feet, about nine miles east of Tumkur town of Karnataka State of India. It is 65 km from Bangalore, India, by road on Tumkur road There are 3 elevations and seven gates leading to the top.....more
Gokak falls
The Gokak Falls is a waterfall located on the Ghataprabha river in Belgaum district of Karnataka, India. The waterfall is six kilometers away from Gokak, a nearby town.After a long winding course, Ghataprabha river takes a leap of 52 metres over the sand-stone cliff amidst a picturesque gorge of the rugged valley.....more
Varapoha Falls
Varapoha Falls is situated in the Belgaum District of Karnataka, India in the hilly surroundings of the Jamboti forest. This fall is on the Mandovi river, the water of the river falls from a height of about 150 feets. It is one of the few less known & most spectacular fall of the Western Ghats, which is still unspoiled and not choked.....more
Hidkal Dam
Constructed across Ghataprabha River, Hidkal Dam is situated at Hukkeri in Belgaum district in the state of Karnataka, India.Also known as Raja Lakhamgowda Dam, this dam site is important because many fossils have been revealed in nearby areas....more