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M.M.Hills Temples

M. M. Hills


Malai Mahadeshwara hills (MM hills also called Mahadeshwara betta in local language, Kannada) belongs to Chamarajnagar district in Karnataka state. It is a very popular & holy ancient temple, surrounded by 77 hills in the Eastern Ghats. The Lord Sri Mahadeshwara is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva. It is a very famous Shaiva piligrim centre. The Lord Sri Mahadeshwara's miracles are beautifully sung by the village folk in Janapada Style. The height of the hill is about 3000 feet from the sea level. About 600 years ago, Sri Mahadeshwara Swamy came here to perform penance & it is believed that he is still performing penance in the temple's Garbha Gudi in the form of Linga. The area of the temple surroundings is 155.57 acres. In addition, the temple has lands at Talabetta, Haleyuru & Indiganatha Villages.
A well known place because of the forest brigand late Veerappan. This place was the hide out area for Veerappan for so many years. The famous Malai Mahadeswara temple is seen here. The surrounding is totally hill area and the temple is situated at the center of 7 hills. Special functions are organized during each Hindu festival.

During Deepavali festival a grand celeberation can be witnessed in this place. A place called Antharagange is seen very nearer to the main temple. Here, the mysterious water flow from the ground arises during the entire year and the origin is not yet known. The famous Hogenkal falls is also very nearer to this hill area which is only 45kms towards south. Hogenkal is situated in Tamilnadu.

Location info:

Address:Chamarajnagar district in Karnataka state.
Nearest City:Koudalli:From this place, Malai Mahadeswara temple is 30 Kms in ghat/hill section.
Best time to visit: Because of its altitude, is endowed with a pleasant weather throughout the year.


Because of its altitude, is endowed with a pleasant weather throughout the year.
Summer The summer months of April and May are moderately hot with temperatures hovering in the range of 20-35°C. The monsoon weather ushers in a rainy season from June to August with humidity levels climbing a few notches.

Winter The brief winter period in Mysore can be a bit chilly with intermittent spells of rain. Misty mornings usually welcome the early birds. Temperature usually falls in the range of 12-30oC.


Ughe Anni Malaya Mahadeshwaranige, Ughe Anni huli govugala kataluva jaga dodayanige. Ughe, Ughe. The Linga, worshiping now in the Garbha Gudi is a self developed one. Sri Male Mahadeshwara Swamy was moving on a tiger known as Huli Vahana (Tiger as a vehicle) & performed a number of miracles around the hills to save the people & saints living there.

Lord Male Mahadeshwara was born in the Kaliyuga. He chose his mother as Uttrajamma. He learnt in Saluru Mutt at Male Mahadeshwara Hills. He has many legends which could are narrated on his name. To name one of them is Sankamma Kate. This narrates about the devotion she had on the Lord. Male Madheshwara narrates the adventures and achievements of a spiritual hero of the Shaiva people of southern Karnataka. Probably he lived in the 14th century. According to the story Mahadeshwara was born to a fair coloured virgin woman. Shiva incarnates himself on earth as Mahadeshwara to destroy an evil king called Shravanasura.

The Lord Sri Mahadeshwara is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. It is a very famous Shaiva pilgrim centre. It draws lakhs of pilgrims from the states of Karnataka and Tamilnadu. The Lord Sri Mahadeshwara's miracles are beautifully sung by village folk in the janapada style. According to tradition there are seven hills identified in the puranas as Anumale, Jenumale, Kanumale, Pachchemale, Pavalamale, Ponnachimale and Kongumale. All these hills form M.M. hills

Mahadeshwara is the family god of the Soligas and other hill tribals including Jenu Kurubas, Kadukurubas etc. But, historical evidences suggest that saint Mahadeshwara must have lived during the 15th century. Further, he was the third head of the Haradanahalli Math. It is believed that Sri Mahadeshwara Swamy came here to perform penance. Folklore maintains that he is still performing penance in the temple's sanctum sanctorum in the form of a Linga. Sri Male Mahadeshwara Swamy moved using a tiger (as his vehicle) and performed number of miracles around the hills to save the people and saints living here.

Interesting things to do:

There will be poojas & Archana thrice a day, the first worship of the day starts at 5.30 in the morning & Rudrabhisheka is performed between morning 6 & 8 and again between 10.30am and 12 noon. The evening poojas will take place between 6.30 and 8.00. There will be special poojas on Sankashta Chathurthi, Amavasya & Pournami. The most special pooja is known as Maha Rudrabhisheka will be performed only on Thursdays on behalf of the devotees who contribute for that.

Nithyothsava: After the morning pooja, the special procession of the deity will be done with all temple honours. The Government has fixed the rates of the sevas. (The rates are subjected to periodical changes.)

Interesting things to Visit:

Apart from being a pilgrimage, M.M.Hills possesses natural beauty in the form of large tracts of forest area. The height of the hill is about 3000 feet from sea level and is surrounded by 77 hills in eastern ghats. The beautiful landscapes of hills and valleys are covered with extensive forests. These forest types vary from evergreen forests in Ponnachi Boli to Dry deciduous forests in most other parts. M.M.Hills is bound by river Kaveri to the north-east and by river Palar to the south. Thus, it forms an extremely important catchment area for both these rivers.

The forests of M.M.Hills have been famous for wonderful regeneration and stock of sandalwood and bamboo. The forests are inhabited by a variety of animals, birds and reptiles. They are found in large numbers too. Elephants are the most prominent species. This last estimate puts the population of elephants at more than 2500 in the district, which includes Bandipur National Park too. Frequent sightings of guars (Indian Bison), sambars, spotted deer, jackals, sloth bears, porcupine, etc., apart from rare sightings of tigers, leopards and wild dogs are possible in and around this area. The Male Mahadeshwara Reserve Forests, has an approximate area of 39361.45 ha and has few small villages like Ponnachi, M.M.Hills, Kombadikki, Kokkebore, Doddane, Tokere, Tholsikere, Palar, Gopinatham, Nagamale, Indiganatham, etc., as enclosures within the reserve forests.

Mobile range info:


How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:Mysore
Nearest Airport:Bangalore
Road Transport:This place can be reached from two main cities, Bangalore and Mysore.
From Bangalore, people have to travel towards Mysore. They will reach a place called Ramanagaram (52 Kms from Bangalore), then after 10kms from Ramanagaram, they will get a place called Chennapattana. Continuing in the same route, people will get a place called Maddur after 20Kms from Chennapattana. In this place (Maddur) people have to take a left turn (ask the local people for help) to move towards Malavalli. If you miss this turn, people will travel towards Mysore. After 24kms journey from Maddur (taking left turn), people will reach the place called Malavalli. From Malavalli, people have to travel towards Kollegal which is 35 Kms from Malavalli. Continue the trip towards Hanur (24Kms from Kollegal) and then to Koudalli (16 Kms from Hanur).

People travelling from Mysore have to come to a place called T.Narsipur (Thiruma kudalu Narsipur), also called T.N.Pura. Distance between Mysore and T.N.Pura is 30kms. From T.N.Pura, people have to move towards Kollegal which is only 31Kms. From Kollegal, the route becomes the same for that detailed above while coming from Bangalore. i.e., from Kollegal to Hanur (24Kms), from Hanur to Koudalli (16Kms) and to MM Hills to reach the Malai Mahadeswara temple (30Kms). The total distance from Mysore to Malai Mahadeswara temple is 130Kms.

Nearest Visiting places:

People can visit Hogenkal falls from MM hills. Hogenkal is only 45 Kms from Malai Mahadeswara temple. They have to move towards the place called Palar (15 Kms from Malai Mahadeswara temple) and move towards Mettur dam (30Kms). Before reaching the Mettur dam, they reach a place called Gopinatham, ask for local people help and take left turn to reach Hogenkal falls.

Nearest Petrol Pump:




Things to carry:

Due to the salubrious climate, one does not need to lose sleep over packing the right apparels. Cotton apparels would suffice for a summer trip while winter clothing should consist of light woolens.

Tips & Suggestions:

Koudalli is the ground level region before starting the hill journey of the MM Hills. From this place, Malai Mahadeswara temple is 30 Kms in ghat/hill section. The total distance from Bangalore to MM Hills (Malai Mahadeswara Hills) is 200 Kms.

Anna Dasoha Bhavana: At present everyday nearly 4000 people who are visiting the temple are provided with free food in Dasoha Bhavana building. It has been constructed at a cost of Rs.1 Crore. Devotees may contribute for Anna Dasoha Seva. If any devotee pays one Rs. 1501 or more for Anna Dasoha, it will be kept in eternal fixed deposit & its interest amount will be utilised for Anna Dasoha Seva. Devotees can also contribute in Cash or vegitables or corns or paddy or rice etc..

Main Utsavas : At Diwali, Maha Shivaratri & Ugadi
Special Days : Shravana, Mahalaya, Dasara, Diwali, Mondays of Karthika, Maha Shivaratri & Ugadi

Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station:Koudalli
Nearest Hospital:Koudalli
Society/Community Phone Number

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