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B. R . Hills

BR Hills


B.R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Situated at a height of 5,091 feet, B.R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is a unique blend of resort and wildlife sanctuary, a must for wildlife lovers. Dancing trees, whistling winds and swirling streams form a backdrop to some very rare animal. The B.R Wildlife sanctuary is 3,375 ft above sea level and is spread over an area of 540 sq. kms of undulating hills and valleys covered in deciduous forests and Sholas.

Topography (BR Hills Wildlife Sanctuary)
The BR Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is an important link between the Eastern and the Western Ghats. The river Cauvery flows South East and at Kollegal takes an abrupt turn towards the North and again returns to its initial course. This reflects the geographic significance as well as the wonderful blend of the Biligiri Rangaswamy and Male Mahadeshwar ranges, bridging the gap between the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats.

Wildlife Attractions (BR Hills Wildlife Sanctuary)
The B R Hills Wildlife sanctuary is home to many species of wild animals. The sanctuary is teeming with varied flora and fauna. Gaurs, chitals, sambhars, bears, elephants, panthers and tigers inhabit the place in large numbers. Here is an opportunity for the nature lover to study over 200 species of birds, chief among which are the racket-tailed drongo and the crested eagle.

Location info:

Address:Kemmannagundi, Karnataka
Nearest City:Bangalore
Best time to visit: The BR Hills Wildlife sanctuary is open throughout the year. Best time to sight wildlife is June to October when the animals come out for water. But the more comfortable time to visit if relaxation is what you're looking for is winter to early summer. Make sure you take permission from the Forest Department at Chamarajnagar if you are not staying at the resort.


Tempterautre (90℃ to 160℃ minimum and 20℃ to 38℃ maximum)


A wildlife sanctuary of 322.4 km2 was created around the temple on 27 June 1974, and enlarged to 539.52 km2 on 14 January 1987. The sanctuary derives its name "Biligiri" either from the white rock face that constitutes the major hill crowned with the temple of Lord Rangaswamy, or from the white mist and the silver clouds that cover these lofty hills for a greater of the year. BRT has an amazing diversity of vegetation types such as scrub, dry and moist deciduous, evergreen, sholas and high-altitude grasslands.

Interesting things to do:

Professional angling, amateur fishing, coracle boat rides, bird watching, river rafting, trekking, outdoor camping will keep you busy. Every April you can witness the wonderful Ratha festival at the BR Temple too.

Interesting things to Visit:

For trips within the park one can either trek up on foot or opt for jeep safaris or elephant rides.

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How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:Bangalore is the nearest rail junction.
Nearest Airport:The nearest airport is at Bangalore
Road Transport:It is easily accessible by road being 100 km from Bangalore via Kanakapura / Halagur. 85 km from Mysore via Malavalli and 245 km from Ooty via Mysore. There is couple of buses leaving from Mysore everyday. Mysore is 90 kms and Bangalore is 254 kms away.

Nearest Visiting places:

1.Biligiriangaswamy Temple
2.Bandipur National Park.
3.Mysore palace

Nearest Petrol Pump:



Furnished twin bed tents, with attached modern toilet facilities, lit by hurricane lamps. Furnished ethnic huts on stilts, with attached modern toilet facilities again lit by hurricane lamps. Furnished rooms at the Maharaja's Bungalow with electricity are also available for the one's seeking some luxury. There is a bar and multi-cuisine dining is at the open-sided Gol Ghar restaurant, a Jungle Lodges specialty as well as conference facilities.

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Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station:100
Nearest Hospital:Government Hospital on B R Hills Road 2. Picardo Hospital on B R Hills Road 3. St. Joseph's Hospital on Ramasamudra Road
Society/Community Phone Number

B R Hills Sanctuary Nearest Attraction

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Biligiri Hills is a must for any person who wants to release his drudgery and stimulate his spirit by basking in the joy of natural glory. Located almost 120km from Mysore and 247kms from Bangalore, the picturesque Biligiri Hills are situated between the rivers Cauvery and Kapila. Biligiri signifies `white capped`, though the hills are hued in shimmering blue colours.....more
Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta
Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta is a small hill, in the core zone can be accessed by a small road through the village of Hangala north of the national park. Gopalaswamy Betta (betta is hill in Kannada) located inside the forest is a popular trekking spot. Atop the hill is a temple of Lord Venugopala Swamy built seven centuries ago and a travellers' bungalow which remains locked now and belonged to the Ruler of Mysore.....more
M.M.Hills Temples
Malai Mahadeshwara hills (MM hills also called Mahadeshwara betta in local language, Kannada) belongs to Chamarajnagar district in Karnataka state. It is a very popular & holy ancient temple, surrounded by 77 hills in the Eastern Ghats. The Lord Sri Mahadeshwara is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva. It is a very famous Shaiva piligrim centre. The Lord Sri Mahadeshwara's miracles are beautifully sung by the village folk in Janapada Style.....more
B R Hills Sanctuary
Located 90 k m from Mysore and 230 kms from Bangalore, the Biligiri hill are exquisitely situated between the Kapila and the Cauvery rivers. Placed at a height of 5091 feet above sea level, the B.R Hill Sanctuary lengthen to about 16 kms from North to South. Completely engulfed by the deciduous trees, the wild species are found roaming freely amidst the long grasses.....more
Bandipur National Park
Bandipur National Park is one of India's best known sanctuaries, and is an important Project Tiger reserve. It is located in the Chamarajanagar district of southern Karnataka in south India, and is contiguous with the Mudumalai National Park in the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu, the Wynad Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala, and the Nagarhole National Park to the northwest.....more
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