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Chitradurga: Located at a Distance of 202 kms. northwest of Bangalore, in the heart of the Deccan Plateau, Chitradurga is recognised as the land of valour and chivalry. The district headquarters town, Chitradurga owes its name to "Chitrakaladurga", or "Picteresque Castle". This is a massive fortress on the top of granite hills that rises dramatically from the ground (See pictures). Archaeological remains found in the area, trace its history to the 3rd Millennium BC. A rock edict of Emperor Ashoka, near Brahmagiri reveals that Chitradurga was part of the Mauryan Empire during the rule of royal dynasties like the Rashtrakutas, Chalukyas and Hoysalas. But it really achieved eminenece, as a feudal state of the Vijayanagar Empire, under the dynastic rule of the Nayakas or "Paleyagars", known for their heroic exploits. The most eminent of the feudatory chieftains, was Madakari Nayaka, who after the fall of the Vijayanagar Empire, declared his suzerainty and consolidated his power. This hill fortress buit by the Nayakas during the Viajayanagar era, became their stronghold later. in 1977, the fort was captured by Hyder Ali, along with his son Tipu Sultan. After Tipu Sultan's defeat by the British, the fort came under the rule of the oyal Mysore Family.

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Address:Chitradurga is a town in Chitradurga district in the state of Karnataka, India.
District:Chitradurga district
Nearest City:Challakere
Best time to visit: The best time to visit Chitradurga is between October and March.

Climate/Weather of Chitradurga:

The climate of Chitradurga is temperate with summers (April-June) being moderately hot and winters cool and pleasant (November-February). It experiences southwestern monsoon rains in the months of May to July.

History of Chitradurga:

Chitradurga features bold rock hills and picturesque valleys, huge towering boulders in unimaginable shapes. It is known as the "stone fortress" (Kallina Kote). The landscape looks much like a mischievous giant's playground, with boulders thrown around, forming silhouettes against the sky. According to a story in the Epic Mahabharatha, a man-eating giant named Hidimbasura lived on the Chitradurga hill and was a source of terror to everyone around. When the Pandavas came with their mother Kunti in the course of their exile, Bhima had a duel with Hidimba. Hidimba was slain by Bhima and peace returned to the area. Legend has it the boulders were part of the arsenal used during that duel. In fact, the boulders on which major part of the city rests belong to the oldest rock formation in the country.

Timmana Nayaka, a chieftain under the Vijayanagar Empire, rose to the rank of governor of Chitradurga as a reward for his excellence in military achievements, from the Vijayanagara ruler. This was the beginning of the rule of the Nayakas of Chitradurga. His son Obana Nayaka is known by the name Madakari Nayaka 1588 CE. Madakari Nayaka's son Kasturi Rangappa 1602 succeeded him and consolidated the kingdom to rule peacefully. As he had no heirs to succeed him, his adopted son, the apparent heir was enthroned but was killed in few months by the Dalavayis.

Chikkanna Nayaka 1676, the brother of Madakari Nayaka II sat on the throne, and his brother succeeded him with the title Madakari Nayaka III in 1686. The unwillingness of Dalawayis to accept Madakari Nayaka III's rule gave an opportunity to one of their distant relatives, Bharamappa Nayaka to ascend the throne in 1689. He is known as the greatest of the Nayaka rulers. The subjects of Chitradurga did not experience a good reign of the successive rulers as they ruled on the throne for very brief periods. The Hiri Madakari Nayaka IV 1721, Kasturi Rangappa Nayaka II 1748, Madakari Nayaka V 1758 ruled this area but there is not much to mention of their rule.

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Chitradurga Fort:- The old walled Town houses the impressive fort, built on the north eastern base of a cluster of rocky hills, qualifying it to be a Giridurga, or hill fortress. Known as Yelu Suthina Kote, the fort is fortified by seven circular walls, three of which are on the ground and four on the hill. Chitradurga fort is said to have had 19 majestic doors, 38 smaller doors, 35 special entry points and four secret entrances. The fort is entered through four gateways of the outermost wall. The foothills of the fort constitute the main residential area of the town. The Mel Durgas, forts on the hill are embellished with extensive fortifications, ramparts, bastions, batteries, watchtowers and entrances located at strategic points and house fourteen temples. Some of the fort's important landmarks are Thuppada Kola Betta, Hidimbagiri, Zadaa Battery (Flag battery), Kahale Battery (Trumpet battery), Lal Battery (Red battery) and Nellikai Battery (Gooseberry battery). The main entrance to the fort, Kamanbhavi, has carvings of the seven – hooded cobra the legendary twin headed bird, Gandaberunda, the royal swan, Rajhamsa and lotus flowers.

Banashankari Temple, located in a little cave still has worship going on. A little further, in a large stone walled pit, are four massive Grinding stones. These stones, used to crush gunpowder, were turned by buffalo power. At the entrance of the place are Enne Kolas, large cauldrons used for storing oil. On the left of the hillock is the Bombe Chavadi Mantap. (toys pavilion) that has sculptures of elephants and horses with their mahouts. The majestic teak door is one of the finest features of the Chitradurga fort. Sculptures of Kalinga mardhana (Krishna salying the serpent Kalinga), Hanuman, tiger fights and elephant fights adorn the doorway. The Ekanatheshware Temple, built by Matti Thimmana Nayaka in the 15th century, has a deepastambha (lamp pillar) and a swing arch in the forefront. Nearby is the Hidimbeshware Temple, that was previously a Buddhist monastery. The Brihanmatha (monastery) consisting of 300 columns was built on the hillock by "Bichugatti Baramanna Nayaka", the sword wielding chieftain of the 17th century. The Sampige Sidheshwara Cave Temple and the Gopalakrishna Temple are nearby. No account of Chitradurga Fort would be complete without mention of the Vanake Obavva Kindi, a secret entrance associated with the heroic tale of a Beda woman, Obavva. Single handed, she vanquished hundreds of Haider Ali's soldiers, who were stealthily trying to enter the fort.

Sightseeing Highlights: Chitradurga is famous for its massive Kallina Kote or the stone fort, which is a great example of military architecture and has massive walls and fortifications. One can also visit the ancient monastery of Ankali.

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How to reach Chitradurga?

Nearest Railway Station:Train Service : Nearest Railway Stations: Chitradurga (2 kms) Tel. 222452 Chikkajajuru (24 Kms) Tel. Challakere (20 kms) Tel. Molakalmuru (60 Kms) Tel. 829180 Holalkere (30 Kms) Tel. 675244 Davanagere(60 Kms). Tel.259222 Harihar (80 Kms) Tel. 242245
Nearest Airport:Airport : Bangalore (200 km) : Domestic and International Airport Hubli (210 kms) : Domestic Airport Belgaum (270 kms)
Road Transport:Bus Service : Karnataka State Road Trasport Corporation Website Bus Stand Phone Numbers : Chitradurga - (08194) 222431 Davanagere - (08192) 259444 Harihar - (08192) 242294 Hiriyur - (08193) 327286

Nearest Visiting places in Chitradurga:

Taralabalu Mata Sirigere Sirigere place from towards Chitradurga to Davanagere. Sirigere is situated on the Poona- Bangalore National Highway (NH4). It is at distance of 227 KM from Bangalore and is located between Chitradurga (27 KM), the District Head Quarters, and Davangere (50 KM). It can be easily recognized while travelling on the National Higway No.4 by the presence of an attractive arch on the western side. Sirigere is just 6 KM from this Arch.
Chitradurga Kote is a fort that is one of a kind, as it is built on top of hill with stones. Chitra-durg gets its name because of this fort. "Chitra durga" means "picture perfect".
Ashoka Siddapura is an important archaeological site where emperor Ashoka's edits were found. Nearby is Ramagiri, a hillock that has mythical associations with the epic Ramayana. A temple dedicated to Rameshwara built in 926 CE. exists here.
Brahmagiri village is the ancient site of Ishila, one of emperor Ashoka's provincial capitals. His earliest rock edicts in Brahmi script and Prakrit language (3rd c. BC) containing Kannada words were discovered here.
Chandravalli is an ancient archaeological site where painted pottery and coins from the Shatavahana empire and prehistoric times were discovered. The rock inscription of king Mayurasharma dated 450CE. discovered here gave historians much information about Karnataka's first Kannada kingdom.
Hiriyur situated on the right bank of Vedavathi river is famous for its Therumalleshawara temple. The temple has impressive lofty gopura and the ceiling of the main hall is painted with scenes from the Shivapurana and Ramayana.
Jogimatti Hill Station
Molakalmuru fortified town of the Kadambas
Neerthadi is famous for its Ranganathaswamy temple built in Vijayanagar style.
Vani Vilas Sagar(also known as Mari Kanive)an artificial lake built by the Mysore Maharaja across the river Vedavathi. The reservoir has two mantapas built in saracenic style.
Thamatekallu has ancient rock inscription and the oldest virgallu or hero stone inscription in Karnataka.
Holalkere is well known for its 10th century Jain settlement and 9 ft. tall statue of Bala Ganapathi, a child form of Hindu god Ganapathi.
Doddahottrangappa Hill has a Ranganathaswamy temple on top of a hillock which is a trekkers paradise.
Halu Rameshwara near Hosadurga is well known for the temple & wells, the well has white coloured water (looks like milk) in it that's why the name 'Halu' Rameshwara

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Hotel Aishwarya Fort Infront of RTO Office, Near NH-4 Bypass, Turuvanur Road, Chitradurga - 577501. Tel. 08194 - Fax. 08194 - e-mail : hotel@visitchitradurga.com Tariff range : Rs. 350 to Rs. 900/-
Hotel Amogha International Amogha Centre, Santha Honda Road, Chitradurga - 577 501 Tel : 08194-27062, 63 Fax : 08194-20760 e-mail : hotel@visitchitradurga.com Tariff range : Rs. 275/- to Rs. 900/-
Hotel Veda Comforts Opposite Vidyanagar Extension, M H Gate, NH 4, Chitradurga - 577 502 Tel : 08194-27393 Fax : 08194-22106 e-mail : hotel@visitchitradurga.com Tariff range : Rs. 270/- to Rs. 900/-
Hotel Naveen Regency NH 4 Bypass, Near R.T.O., Chitradurga - 577 501 Tel : 08194-31088, 30052 e-mail : hotel@visitchitradurga.com Tariff range : Rs. 350/- to Rs. 650/-
Vashishta Deluxe Lodge B D Road, Near Govt. Hospital, Chitradurga - 577 501 Tel : 08194-24010, 24386 e-mail : hotel@visitchitradurga.com Tariff range : Rs. 225/- to Rs. 600/-
Hotel Maurya Deluxe Lodge Samthe Bagilu Road, Chitradurga - 577 501 Tel : 08194-24448, 25244 e-mail : hotel@visitchitradurga.com Tariff range : Rs. 205/- to Rs. 562/-
Revathi Deluxe Lodge Church Road, Near District Hospital, Chitradurga - 577 501 Tel : 08194-21811, 23049 e-mail : hotel@visitchitradurga.com Tariff range : Rs. 209/- to Rs. 420/-
Hotel Samrat Boarding and Lodging Near Ayyappa Swamy Temple, Madehally Road, NH 4, Chitradurga - 577 501 Tel : 08914-25968, 23684, 85 e-mail : hotel@visitchitradurga.com Tariff range : Rs. 260/- to Rs. 350/-
Hotel Prakash Lodge Near District Hospital, B D Road, NH 4, Chitradurga - 577 501 Tel : 08194-22958 e-mail : hotel@visitchitradurga.com Tariff range : Rs. 70/- to Rs. 250/-
Sree Udupi Yatrinivas NH 4, Vidya Nagar, Chitradurga - 577 501 Tel : 08194-28366 e-mail : hotel@visitchitradurga.com Tariff: Rs. 250/-
Hotel Roopavani Paradise Laxmi Bazar Road, Near Roopavani Talkies, Chitradurga - 577 501 Tel : 08194-23450 e-mail : hotel@visitchitradurga.com Tariff range : Rs. 140/- to Rs. 230/-
Hotel Brindavana Roopavani Road, Chitradurga - 577 501 Tel : 08194-23107 e-mail :hotel@visitchitradurga.com Tariff range : Rs. 100/- to Rs. 190/-

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Distances from Major Towns : Bangalore 200 kms Hubli 210 kms Mangalore 300 kms Hospet 120 kms Bellary 110 kms Belgaum 270 kms Mumbai 1000 kms

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Police Station:Challakere
Nearest Hospital:Challakere
Society/Community Phone Number

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Mari Kanive Dam
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Vani Vilas Sagar Reservoir
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