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Vani Vilas Sagar

Vani Vilas Sagar Reservoir


Vani Vilas Sagar or Mari Kanive is located at a distance of 32 km from Chitradurga. Mari Kanive is a artificial lake built by the Maharaja of Mysore across the river Vedavathi, is considered an architectural masterpiece. Measuring 162 ft. by 1300 ft., this reservoir has two pavilion halls built in the saracenic style.

Location info:

Address:32 km from Chitradurga
District: Chitradurga district
Nearest City: Hiriyur
Best time to visit: October to January

Climate/Weather of Vani Vilas Sagar Reservoir:


History of Vani Vilas Sagar Reservoir:

Built by the Mysore Maharaja across the river Vedavathi. The reservoir has two mantapas.

Interesting things to do:

Doddahottrangappa Hill has a Ranganathaswamy temple on top of a hillock which is a trekkers paradise.

Interesting things to Visit:

Jamia Masjid

Jamia Masjid was built by Tipu Sultan, its architecture and interior design is fascinating.

Ashoka Siddapura

Ashoka Siddapura is an important archeological site where emperor Ashoka's edits were found. Nearby is Ramagiri, a hillock that has mythical associations with the epic c Ramayana. A temple dedicated to Rameshwara built in 926 A.D. is found here.

Brahmagiri Village

Brahmagiri village is the ancient site of Ishila, one of emperor Ashoka's provincial capitals. His earliest rock edicts in Brahmi script and Prakrit language (3 BC) containing Kannada words were discovered here.


Chandravalli is an ancient archeological site where painted pottery and coins from the Shatavahana Empire and prehistoric times were discovered. The rock inscription of King Mayurasharma dated 450 A.D. found here gave historians much information about Karnataka's first Kannada kingdom.


Hiriyur situated on the right bank of Vedavathi River is famous for its Tirumalleshawara temple. The temple has impressive lofty gopura and the ceiling of the main hall is painted with scenes from the Shivapurana and Ramayana.

Jogimatti Hill Station

The fortified town was built by the Kadamba dynasty. This place is also famous for textiles, particularly sarees known as Molakalmuru Sarees.


Neerthadi is famous for Ranganathaswamy Temple built in Vijayanagar style.

Vani Vilas Sagar

This place is also known as Mari Kanive, an artificial lake (Reservoir) built by the Mysore Maharaja across the river Vedavathi. The reservoir has two mantapas.


Thamatekallu has ancient rock inscription and the oldest virgallu or hero stone inscription in Karnataka.


Holalkere is well known for its 10th century Jain settlement and a 9 ft. tall statue of Bala Ganapathi, a child form of Hindu god Ganapathi.

Doddahottrangappa Hill

Doddahottrangappa Hill has a Ranganathaswamy temple on top of a hillock which is a trekkers' paradise.

Halu Rameshwara

Halu Rameshwara near Hosadurga is quite known for the temple & well. The temple well has white coloured water (looks like milk).

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How to reach Vani Vilas Sagar Reservoir?

Nearest Railway Station:Bangalore to Chitradurga
Nearest Airport:Bangalore International Airport/Mangalore Airport.
Road Transport:NH-4 Bangalore-Pune National Highway

Nearest Visiting places in Vani Vilas Sagar Reservoir:

  • The Fort
  • Onake Obavvana Kindi (The Crack)
  • Aadumalleshwara
  • Ankali Mutt
  • Brahmagiri
  • Ashoka Siddapura
  • Bruhanmutt
  • Dasaratha Rameshwara
  • Chandravalli
  • Doddahotterangappa's Hill
  • Gayatri Jalashaya
  • Halurameshwara
  • Heggere
  • Holalkere
  • Hiriyur
  • Hosadurga
  • Molakalmuru
  • Jogimatti
  • Jankal
  • Thamatekallu
  • Nayakanahatti
  • Sirigere

Nearest Petrol Pump:

Lots of them on the Highway.

Hotels/Lodge/Accommodation nearby Vani Vilas Sagar Reservoir:

Hotels at Chitradurga.

Things to carry:

Mineral water,food, clothes...etc

Tips & Suggestions for Vani Vilas Sagar Reservoir:


Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station:100
Nearest Hospital:Hospitals at the Chitradurga.
Society/Community Phone Number

Vani Vilas Sagar Reservoir and Dam Nearest Attraction

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