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Hampi Archeology Nearest Attraction

Hampi Historical
Listed as a World Heritage Site, Hampi the city of ruins is one of the most captivating historical sites of South India. It houses as many as 500 monuments, each with a story behind it, reflecting a fascinating history reaching the pinnacle of glory and then stumbling to a decline of utter neglect.....more
There is a huge tank 7 km from Kukkanur in Ittagi village facing this tank is Mahadeva temple and a hist of small temples. It has a classic later Chalukyas plan, with a garbagruha (shrine) and a front hall (antarala) leading to the mandapa.....more
Tungabhadra River
The Tungabhadra River is a sacred river in southern India that flows through the states of Karnataka and part of Andhra Pradesh to merge with the larger Krishna River in Andhra Pradesh.It is the chief tributary of the Krishna River.....more