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Yedakumeri (green route)

Nearest Towns:


Location info:India > Karnataka > Hassan

Distances:Approximately 260km from bangalore
Camping Sites: At the abandoned station u can get rooms to stay overnight.
Trek Length: 1 to 2 days

Route Info:

Bangalore > Hassan > Sakleshpura > Donigal

Best Time To Visit:

September to March.Before and after monsoon

Worst Time To Visit:

Summer, since it wont be that greener as other time of the year

Difficulty Level:

Moderate to Difficult, but tiring


The Treak is along the Sakleshpura Railway line which is along the lush green jungle.A green route trek on the Sakleshpura to Kukke Subrahmanya railway route which is scenic and green as it runs through the dense forest in which it is situated. Along the railway track one would cross bridges with heights of upto 150m and pass through tunnels with lenghts of upto 0.5 kms and not to forget the numerous streams en route.Carry your food and water as its a long trek and got to walk a lot.Dont carry too much of eatables carry only what is essential

Things To Look for:

Can Enjoy the beauty of the place and for bird watchers it is a place of delight since they can watch lots of birds around.

Things To Be Aware Of:

Carry a powerful torch with extra batteries to make your way through the tunnels.Stick to the center of the track through the tunnels since there are lots of snakes in the tunnels snakes.



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