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Nearest Towns:

Tumkur ,Bangalore.

Location info:India>Karnataka>Bangalore>Tumkur

Distances:56 km to 70km from Bangalore.
Camping Sites: Cant do Camping
Trek Length: 2-3 km one way.

Route Info:

Go straight on NH4 Tumkur highway till Dabaspet(20KMs from Nelamangala). Take left turn and travel for 6 KMs to reach Shivagange.Bangalore - Tumkur Road - Neelamangala - Right to Hassan Road - Solur - Right turn to Shivagange.

Best Time To Visit:


Worst Time To Visit:

Sankranti is the worst time to visit the place, since a huge crowd assemble at this time.

Difficulty Level:



Shivaganga is a place just about 6 kms from Tumkur and around 70 kms from Bangalore.Its a one day trek and one of the easiest.The place can be reached within 2 hours from Bangalore.Shivaganga in Karnataka is the home to two main shrines, Gavi Gangadhareshwara Cave Temple and Honnadevi Temple. You will be amazed to see the beautiful natural spring at Patalaganga on your way to the hilltop of Shivaganga.

The hillock has few temples atop and a statue of Nandi carved out of single stone is a beauty. It is about two kilometers from the bottom of the hillock where there is a village to the top of the hill. There are many temples all along the way.

The places is mostly crowded all the time, thanks to the temples. At the same time it because of this number one can find the place very much dirty and full of garbage, plastic being thrown everywhere. Adding to this the shops over here sell water and other beverages in plastic sachets. People both local and visiting kind need a education here on this point.The landscape of Shivaganga is very enchanting and you will have a panoramic view of the down town from the height of 1368 meters. There is a quadrangular Shivaganga Fort, located in the south western part of the old city of Shivaganga. The fort was built by the nayaka ruler, Sevappa Nayaka in the 16th century. The fort comprises of a square Shivaganga tank, Brihadishvara temple, Schwartz Church and public amusement park.

Things To Look for:


Things To Be Aware Of:

Monkeys - there are hell of a lot of monkeys all the way up, which would jump at the slightest sight of your food packet

Don't open food packets in front of these creatures, it will go to the extent of jumping on you to grab all that is in your hand.



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