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Location info:India->Karnataka->Bangalore->Ramanagar

Distances:Savandurga is located between Magadi and Ramanagar
Camping Sites: Cant camp up there
Trek Length: Two to three hours

Route Info:

Take the Bengaluru (Bangalore) - Mysuru (Mysore) highway and took the Magadi road from Ramanagar. This road is smoother, though longer, compared to the usual path taken, which is Bengaluru - Magadi road and a left from Magadi, leading to Ramanagar.

Best Time To Visit:

Early morning so that u can enjoy the cool breeze of morning

Worst Time To Visit:

When it is raining since the place becomes a lot slippery and is difficult to trek through

Difficulty Level:

Difficult for first timers


Savandurga (literally meaning the `fort of death') is a large monolithic rock about 60 kilometers away from Bangalore. If you are planning on getting there, take magadi road and drive straight down for about 40-45 kilometers, then look to your left for a gas station. There will be a sign in English pointing Savandurga to the left. Take the left and go straight for about 10 kilometers, and you will come to a settlement with quite a few temples. Park your vehicle there, and look for the power lines leading up the hill.

Some words of advice, eat a full breakfast before you start on the journey, carry lunch with you (you will have to go to magadi for restaurants, though you will get some biscuits and juice cartons at the bottom), stretch well before you start the climb, wear good rubber soled shoes, walk in a zig zag manner if it is very steep

Things To Look for:


Things To Be Aware Of:

The climb up will be steep at places so got to be carefull



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