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Location info:India>Karnataka>Bangalore

Distances:50km from Bangalore on Bangalore-Mysore highway
Camping Sites: Cant camp at the top of the hill.
Trek Length: Two to three hours,Day trek, mainly rock climbing, rappeling, etc.

Route Info:

Ramanagaram town is situated at 50km from Bangalore on Bangalore-Mysore highway. Ramanagaram is well connected both by rail and road from Bangalore.

Best Time To Visit:

Any time round the year when its good to trek up the hill

Worst Time To Visit:

May be in monsoon when it will be difficult to trek up since it will be slippery

Difficulty Level:

Moderate to Difficult


Ramanagaram is situated in a valley surrounded by (48 km from Bangalore) rocky hillocks is sub-divisional headquarters from 1884. It became a taluk headquarters in 1928, and the place was named Ramanagaram in 1949 . It is the biggest cocoon marketing centre now. It is spread on either banks of the Arkavati and the old bridge connecting the town was built by Sir Barry Close, the Resident at the Royal Court of Mysore.

Ramanagaram has a unique landscape. It has innumerable granite monoliths spread over a wide flatland. The area itself is fertile with Arkavathi River flowing through it. In fact water can't be seen in Arkavathi all the year round as it has been dam(ned) in the upstream at Manchibele. Coconut and mango farms are most visible here. Silkworm culture is also present.

Ramanagaram is not less famous for rock-climbing than its for the bollywood all time favorite movie "shole" which was released some 30+ years back. though nothing really left over as we had seen on screen always. now how it good it could be for trekking. The present town has an Agrahara on the left bank of the Arkavati with a temple of Arkeshwara built in later Vijayanagara style. The temple is said to have been renovated by Krishnaraja Wodeyar III. It is facing west and has a Garbhagriha, a spacious Navaranga and has an inner Prakara.

Things To Look for:

There are lots of hilllocks to be trekked at Ramnagaram

Things To Be Aware Of:




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Permission Required for Rock climbing & Rappelling (RFO- Ramnagaram Office)