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Ombaattu Gudda

Ombaattu Gudda

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Location info:India>Karnataka>Hasan

Distances: From Bangalore 350+ km
Camping Sites: Grass lands on the hill top.
Trek Length: 24Km or 8 Hours up hill and 2 hours downhill.

Route Info:

Bangalore>Sakleshpur>Gundiya check post>Ombattu Gudde>Hosakere>Mudigere>Bangalore

Over night journey to Gundya check post ~ 270 Kms By Bus.Reach Gundya Village - Kabbinhole river - Ombattu Gudda base ~ 14 km trek.climb ombattu gudda peak - Trek to Lakshmi-Saraswathi estates ~ 15 km trek.Mudigere - Hassan ~ 40 km Bus

Best Time To Visit:

Any time except rainy seasons

Worst Time To Visit:

Rainy Season

Difficulty Level:



Ombattu Gudda is a peak at about 971 meters above sea level, and at a distance of about 20 kms from Gundiya Checkpost, inside the Kabbinhole Reserved Forest. The peak is so named because there are 9 prominent humps on top, almost in a straight line (Ombattu in Kannada means nine, while Gudda means hill).

Ombattu Gudda peak is an uphill trek of approximately 6 hours from Gundiya checkpost. The trek starts along the NH27 for about an hour and then we say good-bye to civilization. The initial route winds along a jeep track where you would come across interesting wildlife and pebbled Kabbihole river! The path mostly goes along a stream where we can practice some diving. The forest is extremely virgin with huge bamboos and dense foliage playing host to a range of wildlife from the tiger, leopard, jungle cat, barking deer to gaur, sloth bear and, of course, the wild elephant.

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Things To Be Aware Of:

Take water and food along,and have to be beware of wild animals.



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