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Nijagal Betta

Nijagal Betta

Nearest Towns:


Location info:India>Karnataka>Bangalore

Distances:55 km from Bangalore.
Camping Sites:
Trek Length: 1-2 hours from the base.

Route Info:

If you are coming from Tumkur side, then drive unto the flyover and take the flank road underneath and then turn right going under the flyover and then take a right turn again. Soon take a left turn drive straight until you reach the foot hills of the Betta.

Make enquiries in case you feel lost. If you wish to enjoy a long trek, and then park your vehicle somewhere near the flyover and then start walking in the same route described above or walk through Hale Nijagal Village.

Best Time To Visit:

Any time around the Year

Worst Time To Visit:

Since the gravel is loose and the hill is steep it is difficult to trek during rainy seasons

Difficulty Level:

Easy to Moderate


Nijagal Betta is not popular; it's got a Dargha on top with a temple in ruins at the base and a twin-kalyani. Nice place for photographing birds, monkeys, insects and reptiles. The climb to the top was not tiring at all. The peak had flat land and seems like a natural stone maze. There are 3 stone enclosures what looked like a pre-historic temple shelter & temple ruins.

Though the hill is accessible from a nearby village, the nearest path is from the highway. The climb is tough initially because of the loose gravel. But the path becomes rocky as you climb, thus giving a better foothold.Halfway up the hill, the two outer layers of the fort come into view. The fort is believed to have been built by Chikkadevaraya Wadiyar in the mid-17th century.

Once the first outer wall is crossed, it's easier to navigate the path. It's a little tricky towards the end as the path hugs a large boulder and only a flimsy rail provides some muchneeded support.This path finally leads to a set of adjacent caves that nestle a small Shiva shrine and dargah, which are popular among local villagers. The final part of the hill rises above these shrines. It's a steep outcrop, but rough hewn steps provide enough grip leading to a set of rock-cut shelters and caves.The peak provides an unobstructed view of the countryside, the snaking NH4, neighbouring hills and even Shivagange. The trek is fairly easy and it takes about 90 minutes to two hours to reach the top at leisure.

Things To Look for:

There are lots of caves to be explored around in this place

Things To Be Aware Of:

Do wear proper shoes and clothing as fine gravel makes the ground slippery. Narrow paths towards the end are thick with thorny bramble. Beware of slippery side of the rocky outcrop as you climb. Carry snacks, water and soft drinks if you wish to enjoy a leisurely chat at the foot hills.



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