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Location info:India>Karnataka>Chikmagalur

Distances:From Bangalore 260+ km,From Chikamagalur 15+ km
Camping Sites: At the Temple at the peak the camp can be set.
Trek Length: One day or Two day

Route Info:

Take NICE road to reach Neelamangala. Reach Chikmanagalur in 4hours if there is no heavy traffic.Head towards Kemmanagundi via Lingadahalli (45km) instead of taking the Mulayanagiri route. Locals will guide you to Mulayanagiri route, so ask for Lingadahalli on the way.

Best Time To Visit:

Winter, when it is chilling.

Worst Time To Visit:

Rainy Season.

Difficulty Level:

Moderate to Difficult.


Mulayangiri is supposedly the tallest peak between the Western Ghats and the Himalayas, it is also the tallest peak in Karnataka. The trek up to the summit begins at a place called "Sarpadari" that is 15kms away from Chikmagalur (the famous coffee plantation town of Karnataka).

It is a part of the Baba Budan ranges that streak across this area. The rugged Mulayangiri-Kemmangundi trek starts as a steep stream laced path from the Muthodi reserve forest leading up to Seethalayanagiri, a hill temple - interesting laterite caves are found here. Further up is the Mulayanagiri peak standing tall at 6,300 ft.

Once you reach Mullayanagiri, you can stay at the Shiva temple at the top. You can get lunch/dinner from the temple pujari. Next day you can start for budangiri which may take 5-8 hrs depending on your group speed. Once at Bababudangiri you have various stalls serving awfully bad food.

The trek from Mullayanagiri temple to Bababudanagiri shrine can be pretty exhausting-- it is around 16 km, and passes through no defined trail. You get some amazing views of the hills and valleys. You will almost never lose the way-- keep moving towards the big telecommunication tower. But do remember to carry enough water with you-- there is NO water source on the way.

Things To Look for:

Enjoy the sun rise at Mulayangiri.

Things To Be Aware Of:

Trek during rainy season is diificult and have to be aware of leaches in rainy season.



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