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Location info: India>Karnataka>Tumkur

Distances:80+ Kms from Bangalore,40kms away from Tumkur
Camping Sites:
Trek Length: 3 to 4 hours

Route Info:

Bangalore>Tumkur>Madhugiri,Drive on NH4 towards Tumkur. Take a right turn near Dhabas pete towards Madhugiri. [b4 the 2nd toll gate].

Best Time To Visit:

Any time round the year except when lashed by heavy rain

Worst Time To Visit:

Worst time when it is raining sice the climb becomes difficult.

Difficulty Level:

Moderate to Difficult


Madhugiri is a place in the Tumkur district 40kms away from Tumkur. Overlooking the town of madhugiri is a large hill,believed to be the second biggest rock dome in the area,the first being savanadurga.There is a historic fort on top of the hill,and the maidanahalli blackbuck sanctuary is 20 odd kilometers away.It is today a fascinating tourist spot enticing trekkers and climbers. To climb the hill that climbs up a height of 3930 feet, walk through the entrance from the east between the buildings housing government offices and a series of well laid wide steps leading to the top. Several circular bastions on the way, provide place for rest, apart from a great view of the town below.The most thrilling part of the climb is a steep section just below the top where small ledges have been carved to serve as footholds. With the wind trying to below you off, you feel greatly relieved to overcome this stretch.

On the summit is a temple of Gopalakrishna which is ruined but the circular granaries which were used to store ragi, oil and ghee are intact. It is well worth spending some time at the top looking at the smaller hills around and fields in the villages below.

Things To Look for:

Madhugiri betta has nothing much on top to savor n enjoy. Go trekking only if ur an adventure freak.There are various places of interest nearby. The Chennarayana Durga, Devarayana Durga, Siddara Betta, and Blackbuck sanctuary are among the few.

Things To Be Aware Of:

It is strongly recommended and advised that you DO NOT carry biscuits or any dry food. Instead, replenish yourselves with juices, fruits and water. Since the trek is teep recommended to wear rubber-soled shoes and carry minimal baggage.



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