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Kudremukha Peak - Chikmaglore

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Location info:India->Karnataka->Nelmangala ,

Distances:95 km south-west of Chikmagalur town
Camping Sites:
Trek Length: Four to five hours

Route Info:

A hill-station 95 km south-west of Chikmagalur town, Kudremukh is situated 1894.3 m above sea level, overlooking the Arabian Sea.

Best Time To Visit:

December and February.

Worst Time To Visit:

Can visit any other time of the year but the best time is during december and feburary.

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Kudremukh located in Chikmanglur district along the border with Udupi and South Canara districts is one of the most undiscovered of hill stations in Karnataka. An offbeat location with few travelers, the regions holds some of the highest peaks in Karnataka Western Ghats. Tea and coffee plantations, unknown villages, secluded waterfalls, beautiful trekking trails, streams, rivers and jungles makes it an ideal location for the nature and adventure lover.Situated at 1894.3 metre above the sea level and 95 km from Chikmagalur, Kudremukh (Horse Face) range, is named so because of the unique shape of the Kudremukh Peak. Overlooking the Arabian Sea, the broad hills are chained to one another with deep valleys and steep precipices.

Kudremukh is rich in iron ore deposits and is a trekker's paradise.The hills, which bear the brunt of the severe monsoon wind, preclude any tree growth as a result the landscape is covered with grass. The valleys which are tucked in, have reasonable protection from wind and a deep soil profile, as a result of which stunted evergreen forests exist creating an unique microclimate, rich with mosses, orchids, etc. The whole scenery of grassland interspersed with narrow strips of forests provide a fantastic vista for a trekker. The totally fresh air and the climb up and down, invigorates the body and soothes the soul. During the trek, one can view and study several wildlife species of plants, birds, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, insects, etc.

Things To Look for:

  • Stay at village home stay.
  • Trek through plantations, villages, shola forests and grasslands.
  • White water rafting on the Bhadra River.
  • Take bath under waterfalls.
  • Visit Belur and Halibed
  • Wildlife sightings are common

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Not Reguired , If u trekking through Kudremukha National Park then permission of forest official is needed