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Kote Betta

Kote Betta

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Location info:India->Karnataka->Bangalore->Kotebetta.

Distances:270km from Bangalore.
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Trek Length: 10+10 km,4-5hrs at the max one day Trekking

Route Info:


  • Bangalore->Madikeri (KSRTC).
  • Madikeri->Madapura (Local Bus) [8 km].
  • Madapura->Start Point (Cargo Jeep) [6 km]

Best Time To Visit:

September to March.

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Kotebetta is the third highest peak in Kodagu district after Brahmagiri and Thadiyandamol. The name in Kannada means "Fort hill", because of the fort like appearance of the peak.Kotebetta is a mountain lying in Kodagu district of Karnataka. Having a height of 1620m above sea level, Kotebetta is the third highest mountain in Coorg after Tadiyandamol and Pushpagiri mountains. Kotebetta lies near to the border between the Dakshina Kannada and Coorg districts. The trek starting point is junction near by a bridge called Hattihole. The peak is at a distance of 10km from Hattihole. There is a Shiva temple on the base of Kotebetta. The trek trail passess through lot of coffee estates.

The trail to Kotebetta prepossess mind of its takers with an extreme enticement. Wrought with green, dense pathways, trekkers are returned with the favour by the getting blessed by Shiva Temple at the pinnacle of the trek. Kote in Kannada means 'Forte', and the name fits the bill as there are surrounding walls all over.

The Route: Starting point for the trek is diversion on Madikeri Somvarpet Highway. Twenty-thirty km from Madikeri, on Hattihole, the signpost reads Kotebetta towards left. Trekkers can assume this as beginning. The initail route is tarred road that immidiately begins after hanging bridge is very muddy and revves up a smooth trail later, and vic versa. Some flat, high treks and meetings with localites bullock carts and sips of coffee; Kotebetta is all about new experinces shutterbugging sequence pictures. Coffee estates and an animal species welcome you here.

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Things To Be Aware Of:

Beware of the leeches on the way. Trekkers must carry all essential leech powders, water and have lunch at Hattihole.



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