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Kodachadri Trek

Kodachadri Trek

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Location info:India>Karnataka>Simoga

Distances:Bangalore 300+ km,Kollur 20 km
Camping Sites: Actual camping possible at the peak,At the PWD Guest House.
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Route Info:

From Bangalore, catch a bus to Kollur From Kollur, catch a bus which goes towards Nagara,and get down at Karakatte Gate after 45 minutes (11 km). To your right, you'll find a mud road where you can find a sign indicating the way towards Kodachaadri. Some 4 km (1 hour walk on the plains) on the way, you will find a small tea shop ("Hotel Santosh", also known as "kaka angadi"). From here, it is roughly 4 hours of trek to the peak. Just half-an-hour before the peak you will find two temples and a PWD Guest House.

Best Time To Visit:

Mid October to Mid March

Worst Time To Visit:

April to September

Difficulty Level:



Kodachadri is the highest peak in Shimoga District and by far the most picturesque. It is believed that Shri Shankaracharya meditated here and to commemorate the same the Sarvajna Peetha is located here. From it's vantage point, the peak offers breath taking view of the surrounding valleys at sunset and sunrise. If the weather is clear enough, you might be even lucky enough to catch glimpses of the Arabian sea, glistening at a distance, from here. Our journey starts from shimoga. We make our way to 'Kodachadri Gate' by bus. This gate marks the starting point of the trail leading to the peak. This path is a mud trail that snakes it's way through the forest. Do not expect to find any settlements here except for a tea shop at the base. The trek to the summit takes anywhere between 5 to 8 hours, depending on your pace. From the peak you have the breath taking vista of the Lingamanakki reservoir and lush dense forest as far as your eyes can see. The other star attraction of this region is the Arishina Gundi Falls. The path leading to it is pretty treacherous and involves some rigorous trekking. The jungles are infested with leeches and hence protective footwear is advisable. But the beauty of the falls absolutely renders all perils faced en route worth it's while. If you have enough time on your hands, do pay a visit to the eco village which is run by ISKCON. However this man made resort is no adventure compared to the wilderness of Kodachadri.

Things To Look for:

The sun rise. It is one of the best you get to see.

Things To Be Aware Of:

Beware of leeches if your trek is right after or during the rains.



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