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Kanoor Fort

Kanoor Fort Trek

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Location info:India->Karnataka->Hosagadde

Distances:Bangalore 400+kms,Nearest Town 35+kms(Kargal,Jog(45+kms))
Camping Sites: Its Difficult to camp in the forest since the forest is at its wildest
Trek Length: 10+10 Kms

Route Info:

Bangalore.-Jog - Hosagadde - Biligaru(right turn) - kanoor - kanoor fort.

Best Time To Visit:

Early Winter

Worst Time To Visit:


Difficulty Level:



Kanoor Fort is nestled deep inside the Malnad Jungles and trek to Kaanur Kote is strictly for those who can endure 36 hours of walk thru' thick forests. Hosagadde, a small hamlet near Sagar town is the base for the trek. It is at Hosagadde you need to seek a guide. It is not advisable to go on to this trek without a guide as it is easy to get lost in the jungles. .This place with a old fort in the middle of the dense forest is the center of attraction. Also Known as KeLadi Kote. Kote stands for Fort in Kannada. KeLadi is the name of the dynasty who ruled the place.

On the way to Bhatkal from Sagar via Talaguppa and Kargal, 20+kms after Kargal you will get a place called Hosagadde, you will get down there and walk around 6-8 kms to reach a waterfall called Dabbe Falls. After that it is around 8+kms trek to the fort and from there about 8kms to the Gersoppa colony. Another route from there takes to a place called Bhimeshwari which is around 22kms from the fort. After Kanoor village the human inhabited place is just few kilometers before the fort, the house here is called the Doctor's house.

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Things To Be Aware Of:

Since it is a forest area beware of leeches during monsoon.



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No permission needed