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Devaramane Trek


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Location info:India>Karnataka>Bangalore>Dharmasthala>Kottigehara

Distances:300 km from Bangalore.
Camping Sites:
Trek Length: 25km

Route Info:

Bangalore >Dharmasthala>Bandgal - Gutti village - Devaramane - Kapila fishing camp - Kottigehara>Hasan>Bangalore

Best Time To Visit:

When not heavily raining

Worst Time To Visit:

Difficulty Level:



Devaramane is an exotic getaway, nestled in the midst of Shola forests in Western ghats.The attraction of these mountains cannot be expressed in words. Be it trekking in the Shola forests, climbing those beautiful hillocks, crossing numerous streams and occasional waterfalls or simply roaming the countryside and solely revel in nature's beauty.Hike up the Ettinabujha- Bull's Hump-back which is also known as Shishila gudda, a peak that stands towering over the rest. The roar of the river beneath can be heard from a height of 3000 feet! It is not surprising if one is reminded of the Himalayan bugyals on seeing these vast spreads of mountains. This rugged terrain will challenge your nerves and endurance every step of the way! This region is always blanketed in lush greenary, even in the peak of the summer. The variation in landscape allows the scope for both an arduous as well as a leisurely trek. Come beat the heat of this summer while you go one with vast spread of mountains. These forests are home to many varieties of birds and animals, and you can spot some with some luck and experience. So what are you waiting for? Pack your backpack and head for a great trek this weekend.

Things To Look for:

Things To Be Aware Of:

Leeches in Rainy season


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No permission needed