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Barai Valley

Barai ValleyTrek

Nearest Towns:

Misinagudi, Ooty

Location info:India->Karnataka->Ooty

Distances:Bangalore at300 km to Barai Valley and , from Ooty 20 km to Barai Valley.
Camping Sites: There are 3 sites where you would find sand and can camp there,one is On the Bandipur side, there is one camping site, second is On the Bandipur side, there is one camping site,and three is on Madumalai side of the river.
Trek Length: 14 km.

Route Info:


Best Time To Visit:

October - March

Worst Time To Visit:

June to October.Lots of leeches, slippery rocks which makes crossing streams difficult

Difficulty Level:



Barai valley is located between the hills of Madumalai and Bandipur mountain ranges. A stream flows in this valley which divides the 2 aforementioned mountain ranges as well as the 2 states of Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Descending down from Bandipur side is next to impossible since it is very steep. After half an hour of walk through the beautiful jungles, the descent starts and its really steep. The problem arises not only from it being step but also from the gravels that lie beneath your feet that make you prone to fall at every step. There are places where you can literally sit down or lie down and you will sleepdown because of gravity. Grasses on the sides of the trail provide essential life support which one can hold to get a grip. But often there are thorns along with grases, so be aware.

Things To Look for:

Things To Be Aware Of:

Take a guide with you since it will be nearly impossible to track your route with a guide


Important Phone Numbers :

Swamy (ph 09486630968)


Required, but the guide will arrange it for you