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Baale Gudda Trek

Baale Gudda Trek

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Kottige hara

Location info:India->Karnataka->Dharmasthala

Distances:320 km from Bangalore.
Camping Sites:
Trek Length: Kottigehara - Bidiruthala - Baale gudda - Kodai kallu ~ 9 Km by Road, 13 km Trek. Bidiruthala - Dodda yeri - Alekkan falls - Kottigehara ~ 12 km Trek, 9 Km by Road.

Route Info:

Bangalore-Dharmasthala-Kottige hara

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When was it the last that you travelled to Dakshin Kannada from Bangalore? If you did notice the hymn played by the trees, whistles that cut the windows of your Vehicle and you look to see out what must me this and get a fresh breeze that has blown on not but only at you, you would not deny that you are now in Charmady Ghats! As the name says, it indeed is charming to just drive or pass through the road that cuts in. So how would it be if we trek inside the shola forests of Charmady. We find hills rugged and terrain with green patches running to touch horizon! At peaks like Baale gudda and Dodda yeri in Charmady one may find the brink of Arabian sea on a clear day. A water stream at the base that never dries and perhaps seemingly from a refigerator! Yes it is that cold! We also pass by the Kodai kallu, a hillock with huge rock mounting on small base to form an umberella shape. And then the Dodda yeri called by locals, where the trek is not scary from Bidiruthala - a village with 4 houses of one family. But the decent towards east and the road is a drop! And the fauna of Charmady- Tigers, Boars, Deers, Sambars, Porcupines, Flying squirrel, Bisons, Macaque, Black tree cats, Ant eaters, so on, and the birds that needs a server to list their names! So this adds into the trek and our trail. Hoping the best of luck everytime we be the trailers of this venue to find all exotic fauna. We bring the show to you.

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