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Antaragange Trek

Antaragange trek

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Location info:India->Karnataka->Antaragange

Distances:70kms from Bangalore
Camping Sites:
Trek Length: The auto will drop you at the entrance to the hill, and you have to climb approximately 350-500 steps.

Route Info:

Bangalore-Old Madras-straight-Kolar-Antaragange

Best Time To Visit:

September -November

Worst Time To Visit:

Desember- February

Difficulty Level:

Easy ,Moderate


Antara Gange is a part of the Shathashrunga range of mountains which is located in Kolar district of Karnataka.Antara Gange means "Ganges from deep". It is so named as there is a temple on the hill with a pond from which there is a continuous flow of underground water. At the entrance of Antaragange, we were welcomed enthusiastically by a gang of monkeys. We climbed about 300 - 400 steps to reach the main attraction Kashi Vishweshwara Temple. The main deity of the temple is Kashi Vishveshwara (Lord Shiva). The temple is made of rocks, with a main Shiva Lingam and a few more Lingams beside the main mantapa.
Outside the temple there is a statue of the bull (Basava) made of stone and the water streams out of the mouth of the bull all through the year. It is believed that the source of this stream is the holy river Ganga, far up in the north. It could be the small Kalyani (temple pond) nearby, but nobody knows the source of the water for sure.

Things To Look for:

  • Nice view en route to Kolar.
  • Water stream at Antaragange temple.
  • Lot of rock climbing opportunities.
  • Cave exploration.
  • Camping atop the hills
  • Beautiful view when its raining

Things To Be Aware Of:

Antaragange is overpopulated with wild monkeys. They grab anything they can. It is dangerous to keep your belongings down. Some monkeys are so clever that they even grab things from our hands!


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