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Agumbe Trek

Agumbe Trek

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Location info:India->Karnataka->Agumbe

Distances:350km from Bangalore.
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Bangalore-Udupi-Hebr-Tingale-Kudlu-Agumbe Ghat

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Agumbe, at an altitude 826 M, is a small village in the Shimoga district. This is the same enthralling location which offered an idyllic setting for R.K Narayan's Malgudi Days! Agumbe is famous for it's spectacular sunsets and also offers numerous trekking paths which are truly breathtaking. It has many a verdant valleys; picturesque mountain terrains, sparkling streams and a very rustic charm to it all, that draws visitors almost throughout the year. Situated between the Shimoga and Dakshina Kannada Districts, the hill station of Agumbe is frequented by many to enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. These forests are also home to rare species of animals like tigers, leopards, lion Tailed Macaque, Sambar, Malabar giant squirrel, Barking deer etc.,It is also home to the King Cobra, the largest venomous snake in the world. Apart from this, there are also many varieties of birds to be found, namely the Horn Bills,Malabar Whistling thrush and many more. Agumbe is the place which receives the highest amount for rainfall in Karnataka. Admist all this the trek to Barkana viewpoint is assured to be a very eventful and memorable experience. Narasimha Parvata is the tallest peak in these part of the Western Ghats and is about 3780 ft high. It is the best place to see the sun set on the vintage green all around. One can also see the majestic Kudremukh ranges from here. These mountain ranges provide a gorgeous scenary. End your trek at Kigga, a small village at the fringes of the forest, at the foot Narsimha parvata, with a refreshing bath in Sere mane falls

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Kudlu Teertha:
Our trek started from a place called Tingale in the Someshwar Wildlife Santury. It was a 5 km trek from the main Tingale bus stop which was our Base camp. The Base camp was on the banks of a river whose name I don't remember. It is on the was to the way to holy Kudlu Teertha Falls. Kudlu teertha falls is revered in these parts of the world by the local villagers and was until now very not easily accessible

The trek to Barkana viewpoint was a very eventful trek and a very memorable one. It was due to the shear beauty of the sceneries and the thick forests and the variety of the forest crossed. The forests flora used to change very 100 meters. From bamboos, to shrubs to huge trees. The specialty of the this forests was the flowering for the plant called "Gurugi". This is plant, which flowers once in 7 years and the local villager believe it brings the drought with it.

Narasimha Parvata:
villagers casually walking to the forests to pick up firewood and thorns to build fences, etc. It was the village life in perfect harmony with the Mother Nature .We could see the many mountain ranges and had to trek fro a coupe of hours in which was more or less a flat land through the forests. Here the forests are not too dense, but could see some very tall trees of about 40to 50 feet.

Narasimha Parvata all along the way while descending. We pass through many villages, which are on the fringes of the forest, and finally arrive near the mage bail village, which has the Mage bail falls. There are proper roads once you reach the village and from there you can easily reach Kigga. The last stop was the Sere mane falls and had a refreshing bath. The Sere mane fall is a beautiful falls of about 20 ft and is quite filled with waster too. Kigga is some 16 km from Sringeri and there terminated our trek.

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