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Kaveri River

Kaveri River


Cauvery River is one of the major rivers of southern India, which is considered sacrosanct by the Hindus. The river rises at Talakaveri in the Brahmagiri hills of the Western Ghats in Karnataka. It flows in the south and east through Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and then across the southeastern lowlands and finally surrenders in the Bay of Bengal through two principal mouths.

Cauvery River at ThiruvaiyaruCauvery River at Thiruvaiyaru. The river basin is estimated to be 27,700 square miles. It has many tributaries namely, Shimsha, the Hemavati River, the Arkavathy River, Honnuhole River, Lakshmana Tirtha River, Kabini River, Bhavani River, the Lokapavani River, the Noyyal River and the Amaravati River. As the river flows in the Deccan Plateau, it forms two islands, Srirangapatna and Shivanasamudra. The river also joins the Hogenakal Falls before arriving in the town of Hogenakal and Srirangam in Tamil Nadu. It then meanders in the southern plains and in the Thanjavur district rich, silt-laden river delta is formed before it falls into the Bay of Bengal.

The river water is the source of extensive irrigation project and for the generation of hydroelectric power. Dams constructed across the river are Krishna Raja Sagara Dam and Mettur Dam and the Banasura Sagar Dam on the Kabini River, which is the tributary of the Cauvery. This sacrosanct river has been mentioned in Tamil literature. A large number of temple towns are situated in the lower course of the Cauvery River in Tamil Nadu.

The origin of the River Kaveri is at the Talakaveri (Western Ghats) of Karnataka. River Kaveri originates in the Brahmagiri hills in Kodagu. This place is called Talakaveri or the head of Kaveri. The river starts its journey from the small pond called as Kundike pond, the two tributaries known as Kanake and Sujyoti joins it later in the course. All these three rivers meets at the point called Bhagamandala. It lies at an altitude of 1350 meters and generally flows from the direction of south to the eastward direction. The river has an approximate length of 760 km. It flows in the state of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and finally merges into Bay of Bengal. The major tributaries of the river Kaveri include Shimsha river, Arkavathy river, Honnuhole river, Hemavati river, Lakshmana Tirtha river Kabini river, Bhavani river, Lokapavani river and the Amaravati river.

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Address:The origin of the River Kaveri is at the Talakaveri (Western Ghats) of Karnataka. River Kaveri originates in the Brahmagiri hills in Kodagu. This place is called Talakaveri or the head of Kaveri.
District:Kodagu district.
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Best time to visit: April to November


Pleasant all year round. Monsoon is from June to September.
Winter(Oct to Jan) Min- 14 C Max-26 C Clothing-Thick Cotton Light Wool & Sneakers
Summer(Feb to Jun) Min- 20 C Max-32 C Clothing-Light Cotton & Sneakers
Monsoon(Jul to Sep) Min- 18 C Max-30 C Clothing-Umbrella, Rain coat & Sneaker


The history of Kaveri River dates back to its origin. The Kaveri River is one of the sacred rivers of the country. Kaveri or Cauvery is among the most sacred rivers of India and though to be the Dakshina Ganga or Ganga of the South. The Hindu Mythology says several versions about the descent of River Kaveri. The most popular one is that a king by the name of Kavera lived in the Brahmagiri hills and prayed to Lord Brahma for a child. He was blessed with a daughter whom he named Kaveri. She was the water manifestation of the human form. The great sage Agastya married her and kept her in his kamandalu or the spouted jug. When a terrible drought trounced the land, Ganesha in the guise of a crow, tipped the kamandalu and out flowed Kaveri.

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Coorg is an ideal place for outdoor activities, food and shopping!

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The river course of Kaveri starts from its origin and ends at the mouth of the river, when it empties into the Bay of Bengal. The river starts it journey at Talakaveri in the Brahmagiri hills in Kodagu, however there not much flow at this point all round the year. This region forms the principal drainage area of this district, and is already a major river when it leaves the Western Ghats near Kushalanagara. River Kaveri in Karnataka has several channels with dams. In its course through Karnataka, the channel is broken up by twelve "anicuts" or dams for the reason of irrigation. From the anicut at Madadkatte, an artificial channel is diverted at a distance of 72 miles, irrigating an area of 10,000 acres and ultimately bringing its water supply to the town of Mandya. River Kaveri in Tamil Nadu features lovely waterfalls and gorges, which serves as great tourist spots. The River Kaveri enters the Indian state of Tamil Nadu through Krishnagiri district and along its course structure many gorges and waterfalls; among them the most famous is the Hogenakkal falls in Dharmapuri District. The three minor tributaries of River Kaveri, flowing in this state are Palar, Chennar and Thoppar above Stanley Reservoir in Mettur , where the dam has been constructed.

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Nearest Railway Station:Closest Railway Station: Mysore (146 km)
Nearest Airport:Closest Airport: Bangalore (260 km), Mangalore (135 km)
Road Transport:The Mysore - Mangalore highway (NH48) passes through Kodagu. The district headquarters Madikeri (Mercara), is 260 km from Bangalore and 120 km from Mysore. The distance from Mangalore is 136 km and from Cannanore and Tellicherry, it is about 115 km. There are regular buses plying from these places to Madikeri.

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1. Hotel Coorg International,
Convent Road,
Madikeri - 571201.
Phone: +91-8272-29390, 28071, 28072.

2. Hotel Crystal Court
Phone: +91 8272 - 221543, +91 8272 - 221870

3. BB Estate Homestay
4. CoffeeBean Homestay
5. Hillyside Homestay
Email: hillyside.drt@gmail.com

6. Kabbe Holidays Home Stay
Chelavara Village, Cheyandane P.O., S.Coorg, Karnataka - 571 212
Tel.: (08272) 200658
Mob: (0) 98454 46652 or (0) 98459 94510

7. Swarga Resorts
25 Kms from Sakleshpur and 250 Kms from Bangalore
Coffee Planter, Kumbarahalli Estate Post, Via Yeslur,
Hassan District - 573 137
Tel : +91 8173 329215 / +91 8173 278242,
Mobile : +91 94480 54505

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The usage of river Kaveri is widespread across the sectors of irrigation and household consumption. The use Kaveri River is primarily done for providing water for irrigation, water for household consumption and the generation of electricity. An estimate at the time of the first Five Year Plan puts the complete flow of the Kaveri at around 12 million acre-feet, of which 60% was used for land irrigation. The Torekadanahalli pump station sends 540 Mld (million liters per day) of water from Kaveri 100 km to Bangalore. The tributaries of River Kaveri are responsible for the water resource in southwest India.

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Police Station:Police Control Room at Coorg : 100 or 08272-229333 / 228330
Nearest Hospital:Government Hospital at Coorg : 08272-223445 / 223444
Society/Community Phone Number

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