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Dandavathi River

Dandavathi River


Dandavathi is a river that flows in Sorab, India. It originates near Kuppe (Sorab taluk) and ends in the Varada river near Sagar. Sorab's Sri Ranganatha temple is built on the bay of the Dandavathi river.

Sorab is located at 14°23?N 75°06?E? / ?14.38°N 75.1°E? / 14.38; 75.1[1]. It has an average elevation of 580 metres (1902 feet). Sorab derives its name from its earlier name Surabhipura meaning Town of Surabhi. Surabhi was the holy cow which used to milk on a stone statue of the god Sri Ranganatha. A temple is built on the same place where the holy cow used to milk and it is now Sorab's famous Sri Ranganatha temple. Story says that the temple was built by a local Gowda(Landlord) from Halesoraba on the bay of river Dandavathi. We still have the manuscript written in Old Kannada script on the stone tower near - bay of river Dandavathi (Just a walkable distance from temple). Sorab is now a Taluk headquarters. It's a small town with all basic facility. Sorab's main road(ratha beedhi) is the only road (which stretch for approximately a kilo meter) have its main shops and hospitals.

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Address:Dandavathi is a river that flows in Sorab, India. It originates near Kuppe (Sorab taluk) and ends in the Varada river near Sagar.
District:Shimoga district.
Nearest City:Sorab taluk
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Old myth says that when Sri Ramachandra, Seetha and Lakamana were in vanavasa, they traveled through Sorab. Seetha felt thirsty and Sri Ramachandra made a hole out of ground to find water. The water then become the river.

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A taluk headquarters, Sorab is a prominent town in Shimoga District in Karnataka and is 73 km north-west of Shimoga. The Gudigaras (artisans involved in construction of temples under Hoysala kings) of this region are famed for their craft works in sandal and ivory. The town is also spelt as Soraba. Soraba is also nearest town to Banavasi other than Sirsi, Karnataka which was capital of Kadambas during 9th century and is more of historical interest to many enthusiasts who come under archeological survey.

Chandragutti, a religious center, is 15 km away and Kubetoor, renowned for ancient temples, is 30 km away. Gudavi Bird Sanctuary is another tourist destination nearby. Kuppagadde, Balligavi (or Belgami), Siralkoppa and Ulvi are among the surrounding places.

Chilanoor is a one of the great village in Sorab its name is bag 100 Sri kalleshwara temple is famous temple. in here only onle royal family that is Gunnoor mane family.

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Nearest Railway Station:Talguppa Railway Station, 26 km, is the nearest railhead and Shimoga Town Railway Station is a major railhead.
Nearest Airport:Hubli Airport, is the nearest one.
Road Transport:107 km north. State Highway 48 connects Sorab with Shikaripur.

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Police Station:Sorab
Nearest Hospital:Sorab
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