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Sadashivgad Island

Sadashivgad Island


Sadashivgad is a small village across the Kali river from the town of Karwar in Uttara Kannada. There is an abandoned fort built circa 17th century, and a temple to goddess Durga. The hill on the island offers spectacular views of the Kali river and Arabian sea.

Sadashivgad Hill Fort is 5kms North of Karwar. The Durga Bhavani temple located inside the fort is a major attraction of Uttara Kannada district. The meeting of two rivers namely Kali River with the Arabian Sea offers enchanting views. This fort is situated atop a hill and therefore is any photographer, artist or nature lover's delight. Apart from picturesque views the cool breeze and peaceful environs make for a serene and meditative holiday.

Location info:

Address:Sadashivgad is a small village across the Kali river from the town of Karwar in Uttara Kannada.
District:Uttara Kannada district
Nearest City:Karwar
Best time to visit: Best season: September to Mid- May

Climate/Weather of Sadashivgad Island:

* Summers (March to May) are accompanied by warm climate with average temperature of about 33 °C. Typically tourists avoid the hottest month May for travel.
* Monsoons (June to September) are accompanied with very heavy rains and thunderstorms and most of the beaches are deserted during the monsoon periods.
* Winters (Decemeber to February) are pleasant with average temperature hovering around 22 °C.
* Post Monsoons (September to November) are pleasant with intermittent rainfalls. This season provides spectacular natural beauty.

History of Sadashivgad Island:

Sadashivgad is a small village across the Kali River, once a known trade centre, ruled by the erstwhile kings of Kadambas and the Marathas; and later by the Portugese and the British.

An abandoned fort, assumed to be built in 1698 by Raja Sonde, on a hill top of 200-ft-high, which affords an eyeful of nature's beauty, and a Durga Devi temple attracts many people. The Durga temple, assumed to be built in 1665 AD and visited by Shivaji at the Dargah of Karimuddin Ghouse Jilani, is highly attractive and has an archaeological value.

Interesting things to do:

* April-May are the period of celebrations with many festivals including Ugadi.
* September is marked with the religious rituals and immersion of Ganesh Idols associated with Ganesh Chathurdhi.
* October is thriving with Saraswathi Pooja associated with Dusserah celebrations.

Interesting things to Visit:

The Sadashivgad Hill fort atop a rocky hill on the outer edge of the town affords wonderful views of the sunset and dwelling an ancient Durga temple inside its walls.
One can settle down on a rock, relax, take a meditation, breath purest of pure oxygen and take in the scenic beauty around. The long running hill ranges, the confluence of the sea and the Kali, the fishing boats, and all other gifts of nature.

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How to reach Sadashivgad Island?

Nearest Railway Station:The nearest railway station is Hubli.
Nearest Airport:Nearest airports are Goa, Mangalore and Belgaum.
Road Transport:There are buses to Karwar from Bangalore (520 km) and from Goa (100 km). One can reach Karwar by bus from Mangalore (273 km) and Belgaum (167 km) too.

Nearest Visiting places in Sadashivgad Island:

Ayurveda treatment Centre is in the famous Devbagh beach resort, which is accessible by boat. Beach activities like Surfing, Skiing, Water scooter etc. are arranged under the supervision of qualified and experienced instructors.

Daily activities include visit to Devbagh Beach Resort, sightseeing trip to Karwar shopping, temple visits etc. Karwar

With gentle waves, miles of golden sand, a tranquil ambience and acres of emerald foliage. Karwar has all the makings of the perfect seaside holiday destination. The captivating landscape is ringed with rugged hill ranges, thick woods and mysterious valleys. This paradise is said to have inspired the great Indian writer Rabindranath Tagore to pen his first play. The area's historic attractions are the Sadashivgadh Hill Fort with a Durga Temple , the unique octagonal Church, the 300-year-old Venkatarama Temple with ochre paintings and the Naganatha Temple . Of the five islands off the coast of Karwar , Devbagh is easily the most enchanting.

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Hotels/Lodge/Accommodation nearby Sadashivgad Island:

The Estuary view resort situates in the top of the heritage fort, Sadashivgadh over looking the confluence of Kali River and the Arabian Sea . NH17 passes through the Sadashivgadh and the cliff is 1500 feet above the road. 12 well furnished bedrooms in four duplex villa's gives a good view of the estuary on one side and the Kali River on the other side. One can watch sunrise and sunset from the same room.
A multi cuisine restaurant with seafood specialty and an open-air restaurant with bar-be-queue and a well stocked bar.

Boat cruise across the Kali River to the Devbagh Forest Beach resort is an enchanting experience. Here the beauty of an unspoilled beach will flatten you. Kali River Bridge is a popular spot to watch the sunset. The revelations of horizons with the help of numerous Colour combinations will be a striking experience to a traveler.

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Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station:Karwar
Nearest Hospital:Karwar
Society/Community Phone Number

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