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Vairamudi Brahmostava will be celebrated at Melkote. This is an annual festival which gathers more than 2 lakh devotees of Lord Cheluva Narayana. Thirunarayana Puram another name for Melkote adorns a festive grandeur on this day when the Lord adorns the legendary diamond studded crown, the Vaira Mudi. It is believed that Lord Krishna Himself presented this crown to Cheluva Narayana. The Lord is taken in procession on the golden Garuda with His divine consorts Sridevi & Bhudevi, around the main streets of the city.


The annual Vairamudi festival at the Cheluvanarayana temple of Melkote is a part of the Brahmotsavam during the month of Panguni (March-April). Vairamudi festival is celebrated on the 4th day of Brahmotsavam. On this day Lord Cheluvarayaswamy decked with the legendary diamond-studded crown (Vairamudi crown), along with his consorts was taken in a procession at the auspicious hour around the town. This nightlong even is witnessed by thousands of devotees. The Vairamudi Festival in Karnataka is a part of the grand celebrations of Brahmotsavam that takes place during the Panguni month. It is on the fourth day of the Brahmotsavam that the Vairamudi Festival is celebrated. This festival in Karnataka is held at the temple of Cheluvanarayana in Melkote.During the Vairamudi Festival of Karnataka that is on the third day of the Brahmotsavam,Lord Cheluvarayaswami is adorned with the legendary diamond studded crown which is popularly called the Vairamudi crown. The Lord is then escorted by his companions and consorts and taken out in a colorful procession throughout the city, at a certain auspicious hour of the day. This procession is witnessed by the people of the town who throng the streets to observe this historic event.

Vairamudi Festival, KarnatakaVairamudi Festival is celebrated in the Melkote district of Karnataka. During this festival the principal deity of the district, Lord Cheluvarayaswamy, is worshipped. He is also popular as Chellapillai amongst the local people. Being one of the most auspicious places Melkote receives devotees from all over the state coming to participate in Vairamudi Festival. Several legends are associated with this festival in Karnataka. Devotees wait in front of the temple from early morning to catch a glimpse of the god. It is believed that one look at the lord can free them of all their miseries, purify them and help them to achieve salvation.As per legends Vairamudi or the crown belonged to Lord Aniruddha. He dwelt in Kshirasagara.

However, it was stolen by Prahlad`s son Virochana. The lord ordered Garuda to pursue him and bring Vairamudi back.Garuda followed the orders, defeated Virochana in a fight and recovered the crown. While returning he saw lord Krishna playing in Vrindavan with his friends and handed Vairamudi to him. He later went back to Kshirasagara and narrated the entire episode to his lord. It was Lord Krishna who gave away the crown to Lord Vairamudi. Hence this diamond dotted crow is called by this name.

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Vairamudi, the diamond crown was stolen from Sriman Narayana, when he was asleep at his abode in the Ksheera Sagara (Milky Ocean), by Virochana. Virochana was the kind of demons and the son of Bhakta Prahlada. Garuda was asked by the lord's devotees to bring back the crown. Garuda went after Virochana to the neither world, fought with the demon king and flew back with the crown.According to the legend it is believed that Vairamudi lost its blue gem on the crest while Garuda was bringing it. The blue gem is believed to have fallen near Nachiar Koil, a temple town in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. The gem turned into a stream, called the Manimuttaru, which to this day flows in Thanjavur. On his way, he saw Bala Krishna playing with his friends in the mid day sun at Brindavana.


Garuda protected the Bala Krishna from the sun by placing his wings as the shade & placed the crown on his head. The local legends of Melkote claim that Krishna presented Cheluva Narayana with this crown.Lord Cheluva Narayana is the son of Acharya Ramanuja, who was at Melkote for 12 years. It is believed that Cheluva Narayana, was also worshipped by Lord Rama, the King of Ayodhya.Thirunarayan Puram now Melkote has the temple of Lord Narasimha which was consecrated by Prahlada. This has been a birth place for many Vaishanvite Acharyas. There is a research center for spiritual learning and Sanskrit Academy in the sylvan setting of Melkote.


Vairamudi is an annual mainly festival when the devout fast all day . It is also a day of feasting for the eyes of almost two laks of devotees of Seluva Naarayana , the presiding deity of the ancient temple at the sleepy town of Melkote . These devotees assemble at Melkote known also as Thirunarayana Puram on this day for having the darsan of their Lord adorning the legendary diamond-studded crown , the Vaira Mudi . Seluva Narayana adorns

This ancient crown presented by Lord Krishna Himself on this night and is taken in procession around the main streets around the temple until the wee hours of the morning . People position themselves at every vantage point to have the sacred darsan of the Lord adorning the Vaira Mudi , while seated on a golden Garudan with His divine consorts . Tradition has it that anyone , who has the good fortune of worshipping the Lord in person on this occasion will be freed from all their sins and will recieve the special blessings of Seluva Narayanan.

Method of Celebration:

Vairamudi Brahmotsava:
Large number of devotees throng Mandhya district, on the previous night to witness the Procession of the Lord. The whole town of Mandhya prepares for the event.The preparation for the Brahmotsava starts well before 2 weeks. Actual celebrations take place for 13 days. Garudotsava is celebrated a day before the Brahmotsava at Melkote. The district administration of Mandhya makes rigorous arrangements for bringing the Vairamudi crown from Mandhya treasury to the temple amidst stringent security measures. It is believed that the crown must not be exposed to daylight. Hence it will be placed in a special casket. Under vigilance of Mandhya police it arrives at the boundaries of the town. It is from here taken upto the temple with honors in a special palanquin. It reaches the temple by evening.The crown is placed in front of sanctum of Sri Acharya Ramanuja and the head priest places the Vaira Mudi and fits it to the statue of the Lord Cheluva Narayana.


It is tradition that even the head priest should not look t the Vaira Mudi in naked eyes till it is fitted to the Lord. Hence the priest covers his eyes with a silk cloth while fitting the crown.This takes place in the night and then the Lord and his consorts are traditionally decorated and procession continues to the dawn of the next day. The quiet town of Melkote comes to life with the grandeur and majesty of the procession. Rajamudi, another crown studded with precious stones is adorned on the Lord on the next day of the Brahmotsava.During the 13 day celebration, Kalyanotsava, Nagavalli Mahotsava will be held in the Holy Kalyani, followed by Maharatotsava.

The main puja is offered at the Parvati Mantap. This place is decorated with beautiful flowers. The mangal aarti during the late evening is one of the prior attractions of the Vairamudi festival at Karnataka. People from all the corners of the country come here to offer their prayers and also participate in the great pomp and show of the festival. The whole area especially the Bhuvaneshwari mantap, Tirunarayana Temple, Raya Gopura, Yoganarasimha and Kalyani Temple are lighted up with colorful lights on that day. Whereas, the main temple glorifies its beauty with diyas and candles.

Culture of Festivities:

The tradition of celebrating this festival dates back to 100 years. This festival is celebrated on the fourth day of Brahmotsavam. On this day the deities of Vishnu, Sridevi and Bhudevi are decorated with flowers. It is believed that the crown should not be seen during daytime. However, according to researchers Lord Cheluvarayaswamy was a scholar of Vedas. Vairamudi Festival, Karnataka is celebrated to mark his mastery of Vedic knowledge.


The festive mood is always in the air for Karnataka. This state is always filled with charm, grace and significance that can be witnessed in its festivals. The vibes that have been created by the festivals of Karnataka have become successful in depicting the religious and cultural aspects of the state. Among them, a highly well known festival is the Vairamudi festival.

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