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Sri Vithappa Fair

Sri Vithappa Fair


Karnataka has a multi-religious and a multi-cultural population. Hence a variety of festivals are held in the state. Karnataka like most of its southern neighbors has several temples which also account for a number of festivals being held each year.People of the village of Vithappa in Karnataka hold the Sri Vithappa fair in honor of the eponymous deity of the village. The fair, which is held for three days immediately after the traditional festival of Shigi Hunnive, attracts a large congregation of devotees from adjoining areas.As per the religious observations, a procession is taken out with devotees carrying the holy deity in a palanquin. The procession is accompanied by about 60 parties of drummers assembled from different parts of the state.


The fair is celebrated exclusively in one of the villages of Karnataka named Vithappa and is celebrated in honor of Sri Vithappa, considered as the eponymous idol of the village. The Shigi Hunnive is followed by Sri Vithappa Fair which is held for a period of three days and draws a large spectrum of devotees from adjacent areas.

Large processions are carried out and devotees shouldering the deity in a sanctum palanquin. Altogether there are sixty groups of drummers joining the processions. Animal sacrifices are made as a part of ritual ceremony. The funds that are collected from these sacrifices are used for the temple welfare.The fair is associated with a large number of spiritual beliefs. Formulation of milk into curd before the offerings is considered as omen by the devotees. The fair was first held two hundred years back and still it is conducted and people enjoy to the extreme. The fair is usually celebrated on the fourteenth and fifteenth day of Ashwija.

Location info:

Address:Vithappa, Karnataka,India
District: Bagalkot
Celebrate Time: September-October (Hindu month of Aswija)


During winter temperatures range from 32 degrees Celsius to below 20 degrees Celsius,Summer Average temperature is 34 degrees Celsius


Devotees offer animal sacrifices to appease the deity of Vithappa. The Pujari sells them and the amount realized is credited to the temple funds.A number of religious beliefs are associated with the Sri Vithappa fair. Devotees regard it a good portent if the milk brought by them gets converted into curds before offering it to the deity. This fair, which is being conducted for the last 200 years, usually falls on the 14th and 15th day of the month Aswija.


This fair is held in the honour of Vithappa, the deity of the village, Vithappa. It is a three days festival and about 7 to 8 thousand people gather during the fair. This fair has a religious and folk importance.Sri Vithappa fair is held in honour of Vithappa deity of the village. time. The deity is taken out in a palanquin in a parade accompanied by about 60 parties of drummers from different parts of the state. The devotees offer sheep to the deity. The Pujari sells them and the amount realized is credited to the temple funds. Devotees bring pure milk and they consider it a good omen if it gets converted into curds before offering it to the deity. Another feature of this fair is that a person from Chunchanoor village picks out some grains in his palm from a number of bags kept in the temple. The grain he picks out is then to be the harvest which will have wealthy yield that year.

Method of Celebration:

The people enjoy each other festivals with equal fervor. Along with the religious festivals, there are different cultural festivals which reflects the cultural wealth of the people. These cultural festivals in karnataka are colorful and vibrant.Another type of festivals that are held in Karnataka are those that showcases the lifestyle of the people. The festivals are the source of both entertainment and enterprising attitude of the people of the state..

Culture of Festivities:

True to its rich cultural heritage, Karnataka celebrates a multitude of fairs that are marked by sacred rituals and joyous festivities. Most of these fairs center on the presiding deities of temples worshipped by local communities. During these fascinating events, pious devotees and enthusiastic tourists throng the fair sites.Karnataka, adorned with several ancient temples and rich cultural heritage celebrate various colourful fairs and festivals. Every town, city and village in the state has their own calendarwith fascinating fairs and festivals. For the people of Karnataka, these variety of festivals are a celebration of life. Apart from the religious festivals, the state also conduct magnificent dance festivals and other fairs. The most important festivals and fairs of the state are Dussera, Ugadi, Kar Hunnive, Sri Vithappa Fair, Shri Yellamma Devi Fair etc


How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:Bagalkot,Railway Station
Nearest Airport:Belgaum, 192 km airport
Road Transport:Badami is connected by road to Pattadakal (22 kms), Aihole (44 kms) and Hubli (110 kms). Karnataka State Transport Corporation buses ply from Badami to different major locations of the state.


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Police Station:100
Nearest Hospital:Dr.Halakatti Hospital:Extension Area,Bagalkot, Karnataka,India,ph:08354 222823
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