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Tumkur District

Tumkur District


Tumkur District is in the eastern part of Karnataka. It is located to the west of Mysore. The town, Tumkur was established by Kante Arasu of the Mysore royal family and is the main commercial and business center. The region is filled with elevated land intersected by river valleysTumkur district is an administrative district in the state of Karnataka in India. The district headquarters are located at Tumkur. The district occupies an area of 10,598 km2 and had a population of 2,584,711,

The area of the district is 4158 m2. It consists chiefly of elevated land intersected by river valleys. A range of hills rising to nearly 4,000 feet (1,200 m) crosses it from north to south, forming the watershed between the systems of the Krishna and the Kaveri. The principal streams are the Jayamangala and the Shimsha. The mineral wealth of Tumkur is considerable; iron is obtained in large quantities from the hill-sides; and excellent building-stone is quarried. The slopes of the Devarayanadurga hills, a tract of 18 m2., are clothed with forests, in which large game abounds, including tigers, leopards, bears and wild hog.

Taluks of Tumkur Koratagere,Gubbi,Chikkanayakana Halli,Tumkur,Pavagada,Sira,Turuvekere,Kunigal.Madhugiri,Tiptur.It is home to Tumkur University, four Engineering and a Medical college and other institutions of importance. The district consists chiefly of elevated land intersected by river valleys. The district is famous for its iron ores.

Tumkur, situated to the west of Bangalore at arround 65 km. Tumkur district is bounded by Mandya District to wards South, towards West and Northeast is Chitradurga , Hassan and Chikmagalur , towards Southeast is Ananthapur District of Andra Pradesh. Tumkur consists of 10 taluks namely Chikkanayakanahalli, Sira, Tiptur, Tumkur, Turuvekere, Kunigal, Gubbi, Madhugiri, Koratagere and Pavagada.

Location info:

Tumkur, situated to the west of Bangalore at arround 65 km. Tumkur district is bounded by Mandya District to wards South, towards West and Northeast is Chitradurga , Hassan and Chikmagalur , towards Southeast is Ananthapur District of Andra Pradesh

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Educational Institutions of Tumkur District:

Medical & Health Science Colleges in Tumkur

  • Sri Siddartha Medical College
  • Basaweshwara Institute Of Medical Lab

Dental Colleges in Tumkur

  • Sri Siddhartha Dental College

Other Institutions

  • Tumkur University
  • H. M. S. Instt. Of Physiotherapy
  • Sri Devi Education Society
  • Sri. Basaveshwara Education Society
  • H. M. S. College Of Physiotherapy
  • Sreedevi College Of Physiotherapy
  • Siddaganga Institute Of Technology
  • Sri Sidhartha Institute Of Technology
  • Kalpataru Institute Of Technology
  • H. M. S. Institute Of Technology
  • Sri Channabasaveshwara Institution Of
  • H. M. S. Institute Of Post Graduate Course
  • Sree Sidhartha Institute Of Management
  • Sree T. V. Venkataswamy First Grade Colleg
  • Sree Umapragathi First Grade College
  • Tharalabalu Jagadguru College
  • Uday Bharathi Women S First Grade Colleg
  • Udaya Bharathi Women First Grade
  • Union Christian College
  • Vidya Vahini First Grade College,
  • Vidyodaya College
  • K S E F College Of Edn
  • Siddaganga College Of Education
  • Siddhartha College Of Education
  • T . V. V College Of Education
  • H M S Iti
  • Vidyavahini Iti
  • Siddhartha Iti
  • Sri Shankareshwara Iti
  • Nttf Training Centre
  • Sri Basaveshwara Education Society
  • Siddhaganga Institute Of Technology
  • Govt Polytechnic
  • Govt Polytechnic,tumkur
  • Shridevi College Of Nursing
  • Sree Siddaganga College Of Education
  • Govt First Grade College ,pavagada
  • Y. E. R. Govt First Grade College,pavaga
  • Sri. Siddhartha Institute Of Management
  • Vidyodaya Law College
  • Siddaganga College Of Pharmacy
  • Aruna Educational Trust
  • Government Arts College
  • Goverment First Grade College, turuvekere
  • Government Science College
  • Sarvodaya Junior College,


The prominent language spoken is Kannada,Hindi,English. Other languages like Marathi, Urdu,Telugu and Gujarati are also spoken by small portion of population.

Culture of Tumkur District:


How to reach Tumkur District?

Nearest Railway Station:Tumkur is connected by railway lines with almost all the important places in South India.City is on the broad gauge train route from Bangalore to Shimoga and Hubli via Kadur.

Railway Stations

  • Ammasandra Railway Station
  • Hirehalli Railway Station
  • Sree Sharada Nagar Railway Station
  • Araluguppe Railway Station
  • Honnavalli Road Railway Station
  • Tiptur Railway Station
  • Banasandra Railway Station
  • Kardi Railway Station
  • Tumkur Railway Station
  • Gubbi Railway Station
  • Kyatsandra Railway Station
  • Heggere Railway Station
  • Mallasandra Railway Station
Nearest Airport:Bangalore International Airport.

Road Transport:Has good Road Transport as city is situated on the National Highway No.4.

Bus Stations

  • Pavagada Bus Station
  • Madhugiri Bus Station
  • Tumkur Bus Station
  • Kunigal Bus Station
  • Sira Bus Station
  • Koratagere Bus Station

Tourist Attraction

Devarayana Durga: a hill station about 15 km from which also known as DD hills , Small hill in the midst of the forest. This place is famous for temples and interesting rock formations.

Siddaganga: Siddaganga is famous for Siddaganga Mutt, which is a line of hope for poor and orphan children as this mutt is providing Education with free Hostel facility. Siddaganga Mutt hosts chain of educational institutions rite from formal Education to degree and also professional courses like Medical and Engineering is being provided. Dr. Sree Sree Sivakumara Swamiji, is head of Sree Siddaganga Mutt.

Shankareshwara Betta is a small beautiful hill near Kunigal and is situated about 86 km from Bangalore.At its top is a small temple with a Shivling dedicated to Shankareshwara. Shivratri is celebrated here and special pujas are offered.

Veerabhadreshwara Temple is situated at Dillinkote village in Tumkur District of Karnataka. This temple is dedicated to Veerabhadreshwara or the soldier avatar of Lord Shiva.This highly revered shrine has a distinct Navaranga with four carved pillars, which leads to the garbha griha. The pillars and Ganesh idol carved on the rock face in the Navaranga suggest that this temple belong to the Hoysala era.

Channarayana Durga is an old fort at the top Channarayana Durga hill. It is nearly 10 km away Koratagere on the way to Madhugiri from Tumkur. The fort has ruined temples and old structures.

Goravanahalli Mahalakshmi Temple in Koratagere is one of the important destinations in the district. This unique and ancient temple attracts a lot of pilgrims.

Pavagada Fort is located in the northeastern part of Tumkur District in Karnataka. It was built in 1405 by a Vijayanagar chieftain. This hill fort witnessed a historic battle between the English and Tipu Sultan.

Gulur Ganesh Temple is a highly revered shrine located 5 km from Tumkur on the busy Tumkur-Kunigal road.The deity of Lord Ganesh is constructed on the auspicious day of Vinayaka Chaturthi.The idol of Lord Ganesh is completed on the day of Naraka Chaturdashi (Deepavali) and a special puja is performed.

Kalleshwara Temple: Built by the ancient Nolamba Dynasty of the 9th century, Kalleshwara Temple in Aralaguppe is a beautiful temple with only attached pillars in the front. The interior of the temple is decorated with beautiful sculptures of gods.

Madhugiri Bhagawan Mallinatha Temple:Built in the year 1531, the temple is devoted to Bhagvan Mallinatha. The idol made of Panchaloha (5 metals) is found in the kadgasana posture. The shrine is constructed of stone.

Shri Kamakshi Sharadamba Temple in the premises of Shri Kodandashrama Mutt is a beautiful temple in Hebbur. The stone idol of Devi Kamakshi Sharada is remarkable for its sculptural finesse

Siddarameshwara Temple lies in the Belagumba Village of Tumkur District.According to a legend, the idol of Lord Shiva in the Linga form was found among the rocks of the hill. Later, it was brought and installed in the present place by a Shaivaite saint.

Kaggaladu Heronry is situated at Kaggaladu near Sira in Tumkur District. Best season to visit is from March to July. The place is around 130 km from Bangalore.

Shivaganga is home to age old temples of which shrines dedicated to Lord Gangadeshwara and Goddess Honnadevi are famous. There is also a natural spring between the two monolithic rocks

Chandraprabha Temple is a highly revered Jain shrine situated on a hill at Mandaragiri village in Tumkur District of Karnataka.This Jain temple enshrines the idolBhagvangvan Chandranatha in the kayotsarga posture.

Gubbi, 18 km from Tumkur city, is the Gubbi Jain Temple.The Temple houses Bhagvan Adinatha as the main deity. Idols of Bhagvan Bahubali and Brahma Yaksha are also installed in the temple.

Kuchhangi Jain Temple:It possesses religious value because of its black colored stone idol of Bhagvan Parshwanatha in the kayotsarga posture. Many devotees visit this temple and pay homage to Bhagvan.

Nidugal Jain Temple:Positioned on top of a hill at Pavagada taluk of Tumkur District, the ancient Nidugal Jain Temple.The temple also called as Joguvatti Basadi is dedicated to Bhagvan Sri Parshwanatha. Parking is permitted at the top of the hill.

Aralaguppe in Tumkur District is well-known for its old temples.The carvings of the temple ceiling feature a magnificent dancing Shiva with musical accompanists and eight Dikpalas.

Siddhaganga is a famous pilgrim center in Tumkur District. It has a hilltop temple dedicated to Siddhalingeshwara. Veerashaiva Mutt, an important educational and pilgrim center, lies in this place.

Devarayanadurga is a hill station located at an altitude of 3940 feet on Tumkur road in Karnataka. There is a natural spring called Namada Chilume a few km from the base of the hill.

Goravanahalli: about 30 Km from Tumkur in Koratagere taluk there is a famous Shri Maha Lakshmi temple whose idol is said to be self originated, there will be special worship which will be performed on fridays.

Yediyur: Its about 90 km from Bangalore, there is a famous Shri Siddalingeshwara temple.The place houses a famous temple of Siddhalingeshwara and a samadhi mutt of Tontada Siddhalingeshwara Yati, a revered Veerashaiva Saint. The Samadhi mutt has a fine, carved wooden chariot and some interesting old paintings on the walls.

Shivaganga: 60 kms from Bangalore. There are temples dedicated to Gangadhara and Honnadevi. There is a fresh water spring called Pathala Ganga.

Hotels/Lodge/Accommodation of Tumkur District:

  • Hotel Ashoka
  • Golden Plams Hotel & Spa
  • Nalapad's Hotel Bangalore International
  • Hotel Mayura Meghadoota
  • Hotel Mayura Pavitra(Phone:+91-8132-336206)
  • Hotel Sri Nanjundeswara(Phone:+91-816-272373)

Tumkur District Major Attraction

There are Hoysala temples here belonging to the last days of the Hoysala dynasty. The Kalleshwara temple of the much older Noramba dynasty is famous here. Noramba dynasty ruled the Karnataka area at the same time as the West Ganga dynasty and built many temples here.....more
Shimsha River
Shimsha is a river that flows in the state of Karnataka, India. It is one of the tributaries of the river Kaveri, which is one of the major rivers of South India. The river originates in the southern part of the Devarayanadurga hill in the Tumkur district of Karnataka and flows for about 221 km. before joining the river Kaveri....more
Kaggaladu Heronry Sanctuary
A nondescript village in Tumkur district wakes up each year to the raucous cries and colourful plumage of painted storks and grey herons as they nest on old tamarind trees amidst the houses. This is the only place in Karnataka where these species nest side by side.....more
Marconahalli Dam
A large minor irrigation project dam built in 1942 by the British.Markonahalli Dam is a dam built across the river Shimsha in the Kunigal Taluk of Tumkur district. It was built by Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, the king of Mysore under the guidance of his Diwan, Sir M Visweswaraiah.Constructed across river Shimsha.....more