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Sathanur Dam

Sathanur dam


Sathanur Dam is one of the Major Dam Constructed across Pennaiyar River. The dam can be reached by road 30 km from Thiruvannamalai Town. There is an inflow of 26,000 cusecs to the Sathanur reservoir in Tiruvannamalai district, which has been receiving water from the Krishnagiri dam following heavy rain in the catchment areas of the latter in the last few days. For safety reasons, the water level in the Sathanur reservoir
is being maintained at 116 feet against the full level of 119 feet.A visit to Sathanur Dam is a useful one to the Engineering students who want to know about the irrigation structures, Sathanur Dam is one of the oldest and beautiful dam here to be visited.This is one of the best picnic place in our District. The Beautiful Garden with colorful statues are also available in it. This Garden is one of the Famous Cine Shooting Spot in South India.This is one of the best picnic place in our District. The Beautiful Garden with colorful statues are also available in it. This Garden is one of the Famous Cine Shooting Spot in South India. The colored flood lights installed here flash its brilliance in week-end days. Formed in terrace, spread over 7 acres, this part is full of flower plants, shrubs and ornamental trees.For the delight of visitors, bear, porcupine, hare and birds like pigeons are reared here.

Location info:

Address:30 km from Thiruvannamalai Town
District: Tiruvannamalai
Nearest City: Tiruvannamalai
Best time to visit: Novemeber, December and January

Climate/Weather of Sathanur dam:


History of Sathanur dam:

This Dam was constructed during the year 1958. Sathanur Dam is the oldest hero in Cinema Industry. All the films in midst of 1960-1980 was shouted here. Beautiful parks were maintained here with lawns and parks. A mini zoo is maintained inside the park area to enjoy the Children.

Interesting things to do:

  • One swimming pool is maintained inside the dam to enjoy the tourist during the visit to dam.
  • A large Crocodile farm and a fish grotta is maintained here to know the life of Crocodile and fish culture.
  • Drive in Battery cars for tourists at Sathanur dam ,

Interesting things to Visit:

A beautiful Botanical garden has been raised on the sheltered lower side of the dam culturing varieties of ornamental plants and their flower add charm to the spot. A zoological park of tourist interest is also set up there. People who make a visit to Tiruvanmalai rarely miss Sathanur and Gingee.

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How to reach Sathanur dam?

Nearest Railway Station:
Nearest Airport:Bangalore International Airport
Road Transport:public bus transportation

Nearest Visiting places in Sathanur dam:


Nearest Petrol Pump:


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Things to carry:

Drinking water, Stuffs to pla outdoor games (viz Volleyball, Footballa etc), Camera

Tips & Suggestions for Sathanur dam:


Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station:100
Nearest Hospital:Hospitals at the district.
Society/Community Phone Number

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