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Venkatappa Art Gallery

Name : Venkatappa Art Gallery

Location: Kasturba Road
Bangalore G.P.O.
Landmark: Near BPL Towers, Venkatappa Art Gallery Phone: 080-22864483

Main Attraction: Art Gallery

The Venkatappa Art Gallery is situated in the Karnataka Government Museum. It exhibits some of the rich art of Bangalore. The Art Gallery is comprised of two floors and displays 600 paintings.

Art lovers must make a point to visit the Venkatappa Art Gallery during Bangalore Sightseeing Tours.Venkatappa Art Gallery houses some of the exclusive collections of scenic displays. Venkatappa Art Gallery, as the name suggests has an exhibition of the great works of the famous artist K. Venkatappa. Get to know more about Venkatappa Art Gallery during Bangalore Tours.

Comprising of two floors, Venkatappa Art Gallery as told before is a house to K. Venkatappa's paintings. Born in 1887, he was a great painter and belonged to a family of Court painters. Some of the great works of the painter that one can see in the gallery include scenic view of the lake of Ooty, Nilgiri Mountains at Kodaikanal, sunrise of Ooty and so on. These worth watching paintings are displayed on the ground floor of the gallery. On the first floor of the gallery, you will watch great works of other famous artists like M.F. Hussain, Rekha Rao, N.S. Bendre, woodcarvings of C.P. Rajaram and so on. Coming to the second floor of Venkatappa Art Gallery which is dedicated to the K.K. Hebbar, you will watch paintings made by this famous artist on the elements of nature like air, land, water, fire and so on. This Hebbar section has various titles like Vayu, Prithvi, Sea Shore, Jala, Nagamandala, In Space, Agni, Death and the Last Glimpse. There are other titles like Bali Village, Japan, and Mother also.

Venkatappa Art Gallery is located in the Karnataka Government Museum. Come have a peep inside the rich art of Bangalore with a simple visit at the Venkatappa Art Gallery in Bangalore.

Fine wood carvings of C.P. Rajaram are exhibited in the first floor and the paintings of K.K. Hebbar on nature are displayed in the second floor. The gallery also preserves the books and other personal material used by the great artist.

The Venkatappa Art Gallery is located within the premises of the Karnataka Government Museum, on the Kasturaba Road.

Visit this exquisite collection of rare magnificent paintings. The gallery is open to all on all days except on Monday, from 10 am to 5 pm. The admission fee is a nominal Rs.10, which will enable you to explore this fascinating world of art.