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Surathkal Beach

Surathkal Beach


Located 15 km north of Mangalore, Suratkal Beach is known for its clean surroundings and a lighthouse. An uninterrupted and extremely attractive stretch of curving shoreline is a major feature of this beach. Sadashiva Temple is a nearby attraction.

Situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Surathkal, a suburb of Mangalore (15 km) boasts of beautiful beaches, pristine surroundings and makes an ideal weekend getaway. Surathkal derived its name from the Tulu "Shiradakal" which means headstone.

According to mythology, when Lord Ganesha kept Ravana's Shivalinga on the ground, Ravana tried to pick it up. He was unable to do so and used so much of force that some pieces scattered on the ground. One such piece from the head of the linga is said to have fallen on Surathkal.

The Surathkal Beach is one of the most commonly visited places that are located in the Mangalore city in Karnataka. The people who come to visit the city from the other parts of the country as well as abroad to spend a vacation often travel to this beach, as it offers a lot of serenity.

One of the reasons for which the Surathkal Beach is quite popular among the tourists is the beautiful natural surroundings that the place offers. It is an ideal halt for the visitors who want to spend some time away from the crowded and busy city life. One of the major attractions of the Surathkal Beach at Mangalore is the beautiful scenic view that it offers at the time of sunset.

Other than the fascinating surroundings, the Surathkal Beach of Mangalore is also widely visited for the light house that is situated in this region of the city. The lighthouse is a must-visit for those who like a dash of thrill in their lives. The lighthouse is situated in the midst of rocks. It offers a spectacular view from the top, of the region around.

The beaches of Mangalore are quite well known and the Surathkal Beach is one of them. The Surathkal Beach in Mangalore can be easily accessed from the important parts of the city. The landmark that is located at the shortest distance away from the beach is the Karnataka Regional Engineering College. This beach is a must visit place for the tourists visiting the place.

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Sadashiva temple is on a hill near the beach. There is a scenic estuary near Sasihitulu village (5 km), formed at the point where River Pavanje joins the Arabian Sea. It is a secluded spot really worth a visit. Krishnapura Matha (3 km), one of the ashta mathas established by Sri Madhwaacharya, is nearby.

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The place can be accessed from Udupi which is 40 km, from Bangalore which is 370 km, from Panaji which is 350 km, Mysore which 320 km and Kochi which is 310 km. It is home to The National Institute of Technology Karnataka, formerly Karnataka Regional Engineering College (KREC)

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Beach: One of the most frequented places is the serene beach at Surathkal. Not only the locals but people from other parts of India as well as abroad spends some cozy moments in one of the most beautiful and cleanest of beaches in India. The beach gives ample opportunity to the peace loving visitors who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy urban life. Both the sunrise and the sunset are a photographer's delight.

Apart from the picturesque surroundings, the place is also visited for the presence of a lighthouse situated in the region. The lighthouse, situated amidst rocks, offers the observer an amazing outlook of the locality from the top. Karnataka Regional Engineering College is the nearest landmark to the beach. Popularly known as KREC, the institute was given the rank of a deemed university by the University Grants Commission.

Krishnapura math: The wooden construction known for the structure of the building is only 3 km away from Surathkal. The presiding god of the math is Sri Kalingamardhana Krishna, which is lord Krishna on hood of a serpent. The math has a number of branches spread all over India.

Kandige temple: The temple is situated in Chelairu village on the river bank of Nandini. This is a historical temple devoted to a deity named Sree Dharmarasu Ullaya.

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Enjoy the quiet of the beaches, soak in the varying moods of the mighty Arabian Sea and go for long strolls in the countryside. Enjoy eating Mangalorean curries, especially seafood.

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This is one of the best places to go and experience a pleasant holiday, especially for a traveller who does not want to go to the conventional places. The things on the must-do list should be: Food served at Sadanand Hotel and some old restaurants which serve dishes from the past; sightseeing of the light house; visit to the temples in and around Surathkal and the charming beach devoid of scraps and junk.

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