Kunchikal Falls

Kunchikal Falls


Kunchikal Falls are the highest waterfalls in India and second highest waterfalls in Asia. They are located near Agumbe in Shimoga district of state of Karnataka. Kumchikal falls are formed by Varahi river. Currently Kunchikal falls are the prime source of one of the hydro electric projects in Karnataka.

Kunchikal Falls is the highest waterfall in India and ranks 116th in the list of highest waterfalls in the world.Its total height is 1493 ft/455 mts. It is formed by the Varahi river.
This series of falls has been tapped for hydropower. It's no surprise that a fairly large river such as the Varahi was harnessed for electrical production. A powerful river dropping almost 1500' in a distance of about 1.25 miles. While this might be stretching the definition of a waterfall, the entire formation is known as the Kunchikal Falls.

Kunchikal is a cascading waterfall near Agumbe in Shimoga district of state of Karnataka. It is the highest waterfall in India (1,493 feet).

The river Varahi takes its birth at a height of 730 m in the Western Ghats at Hebbagilu, near Agumbe in Shimoga District. It joins the Arabian Sea near Kundapur. After a 25 Km initial run, this swift and powerful river falls 455 m in cascades to form the bellowing Kunchikal falls

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Barkana Falls is the 10th highest waterfall in India with a height of 850 ft/259 mts. It is formed by the Seeta River.
Onake Abbi Falls
This is another waterfall near Agumbe. In the Kannada language, "Onake" means a pounding stick which is used to pound grains in villages.
Agumbe receives the second highest annual rainfall in India, next only to Cherrapunji (or the nearby Mawsynram). It receives a mean annual rainfall of 7640 mm. The absolute maximum rainfall recorded in Agumbe in a single month is 4508 mm (in August 1946).

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