Balamuri Falls

Balmuri Falls


On the way to K.R.S. from Mysore, 3 Km away from the main road, there are two beautiful small waterfalls, which is the hot spot for students and nature lovers. You also come across an ancient Ganesh temple in the vicinity.
Balmuri Falls is nothing but a creation of the checkdam constructed on river Cauvery here. So do not expect gushing water. It is a good picnic sport and typically better to visit around the winter. One can sit or walk around there. One can enjoy playing in the water. Apart from that there is nothing much to do there. Balmuri falls has featured on quite a few Kannada movies.
Catch the K.R.S. bus and you have to get down before 8 Km from K.R.S. and walk about 3 Km to reach the spot. You can also hire a taxi or an auto.

Balmuri Falls is the primary attraction at the Ranganthittu Sanctuary. It is a man-made reservoir few kilometers away from Ranganthittu. If you were expecting a huge water fall then you are going to be disappointed as it is just a few feat falls that tantalizes your senses when you sit underneath it. Let the falling water give a sensual massage with soft showers.

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District: Mysore district
Nearest City: Mysore, Srirangapatna
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Good time to visit this place is in winter season when there is just enough water in the river.



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Interesting things to Visit:

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Balmuri falls is on the way to KRS dam around 15 - 20 km from Mysore. Follow the sinage boards to reach there. Also, one can take right diversion on the Bangalore - Mysore highway after Srirangapatna.

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