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Though the name sounds like a place in Tamilnadu, this historically important place is located in Mulabagal taluk of Kolar district in Karnataka.
Many people would have seen the century-old giant idol of Lord Ganesha in Bangalore on Bull Temple Road. The idol at Kurudumalai is as awe-inspiring.
The uniqueness of this place is that the idol of Lord Ganesha here is much older than any other idol in the State or elsewhere in the country!
The head priest of the temple, Sri Ramesh says the idol of Lord Ganesha here has existed for more than a thousand years. It is believed that in Dvapara Yuga, all thrimurties — Bramha, Vishnu and Maheshwara — carved this idol and that is why the place was christened Kudumalai.

But, people mis-spelt it as Kurudumalai and the same name has been used by the Government of Karnataka also, says the head priest of the temple. According to him, the height of this Ganesha idol is 19 feet. It is amazing to see the spectacular and elegant way the statue has been carved.

This splendid statue of Lord Ganapa has been the centre of attraction to all visitors who go towards Kolar and Mulabagal through the year. People gather here in large numbers during the Sankashtahara Chaturthi day, which comes once a month.

It is greatly believed that wishes come true when this Lord is worshiped. So people from all parts of the State and elsewhere come and have blessings of this Lord throughout the year.

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Address:historically important place is located in Mulabagal taluk of Kolar district in Karnataka.
Nearest City:Mulabagal
Best time to visit: Jan-Dec


Max 36°C, Min 26°C (summer); Max 32°C, Min 23°C (winter)


Kurudumalai is about 90kms from B`lore. Its about 10kms off Mulbagal. Mulbagal is about 30kms from Kolar. It has an age old temple of Lord Ganesha at the foot of a hillock. The story as told by the temple pujari goes somewhat like this, After subduing thiprasura Ganapati wanted to take rest and so he came and relaxed at the foot of a hill(malai)[ We are talking about days when Gods used to frequent earth casually]. This episode predates even Ramayana, say the earlier days of Krutha Yuga.

We all know that Hanuman was sent in search of Sita across the Indian ocean. But what is not popularly known is that before actually taking that gigantic leap Hanuman first came to this temple of Ganapati and prayed to Him for keeping his memory[Hanuman was very bad when it came to remembering what has to be done] intact and not forget the royal ring that Rama had given him to be shown as a proof of his being an aid of Rama to Sita.

The temple courtyard is built by Krishnadevaraya. The Pujari told us this story as he was showing various incidents sculpted on the pillars inside the temple. It was Krishnadevaraya who allotted lands for the temple's upkeeping. This Pujari belongs to the 10th genaration since that time.

From the way the pujari referred to Lord Ganesha one felt as though Ganesha was a friend living next door and not the deity. The pujari will vouchsafe that you do aradhana to Ganesha and you are sure to get your wish fulfilled. He cites the incident of an MLA doing so and winning the election for a party which had never before won in the history of that constituency. The erstwhile Maharaja of Mysore Sri Krishnarajendar Wodeyar had also visited this temple.

The temple is not very big if one compares it with the one in say Srirangapatnam. There is nothing to appreciate about the sculpture work. But the main idol of Ganesha is gigantic(may be more than 15feet tall and about 7feet broad) and is beautifully carved. As it is with most idols in India the pujari claims this idol to be Swayambhu. There is not much scenic beauty in this place but as one is going towards Kurudumalai one encounters a lot of places to do some good trekking/rock climbing.

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It is good news that Sri Veerendra Heggade of Sri Dharmasthala Kshethra has taken keen interest in renovating the temple and also to make its surroundings appealing to people, at a cost of Rs 1 crore!
It is high time that this place is developed as a tourist centre and due importance given to preserve and popularise the culture and heritage here. If you happen to go towards Mulabagal next, which is nearly 90 km from Bangalore City, don’t forget to visit this huge Lord Ganapa.

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On special occasions, this stupendous idol is anointed with butter. The priest says that about 1000 kgs of butter is required to cover the whole statue.

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Nearest Railway Station:Kolar
Nearest Airport:Bangalore
Road Transport:towards Mulabagal next, which is nearly 90 km from Bangalore City

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