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For those interested in seeing churches, the best are at Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore. Though Christianity was propagated by the efforts of the Portuguese in Kanara {coastal area) far earlier than on the plateau, many of the churches they raised on the coast during the 16th to 18th Century were razed to the ground by the Mysore ruler in 1790s. Mangalore has the magnificent St. Rozario Cathedral church with its tall frontal towers. The original building was of 1526, rebuilt in 1910. Milagres Church with beautiful tall facade accommodating many artistic images on its parapet, reminds one of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Equally notable is Our Lady of Sorrow church at Kodialbail
built in 1857. It has a frontal tall wall facade divided into four rectangles of equal size with a pediment atop them. Mangalore has the Shanti Cathedral of the Basel Mission (now C.S.I.) raised in 1862 which is a beautiful simple structure with its complex well-planned layout.Virajpeth in Kodagu has a Catholic Church in Gothic style. It celebrated its bicentenary in 1993. The small Anglican Church in Madikeri, now houses the Government Museum managed by the State Archaeology Department has some rare antiquities and beautiful glass paintings.

The St. Mary’s Church in Belgaum is a huge granite structure built in 1869 in the Camp area with fine piers in the prayer hall and gorgeous stained glass windows. The St. Philomina Church at Mysore with its two tall towers of imposing size can be the pride of any town and the building has a crypt. The Abbe Dubois Church (Srirangapattana) is worth mentioning. Bangalore has its oldest St. Mary’s Basilica in Shivajinagar supposed to be raised around 1600, rebuilt in 1832, and it has a tall Gothic tower at the entrance. St. Marks Cathedral that took the present shape in 1927, is another Imposing structure in the former Cantonment area, now of the Church of South India. The St. Patrick’s Church with North-South alignment is in Greeco-Roman style, was originally built for Irish soldiers in 1844 and rebuilt in 1898. he Trinity Church on the Mahatma Gandhi Road was the official Anglican Church of British times which was attended by Residents and other officers. It took its present shape in 1908, though originally built in 1851, it has fine ionic pillars and a portico with a majestic look. Its nave is 90 feet long and the back-wall has fine wooden carvings.

Holy Trinity Church
This beautiful landmark at the east end of the M.G. Road was built in 1848-51. It is built in the English Renaissance style.The church can accommodate 700 people and is regarded as the largest "military" church in Southern India. Read more...

St. Andrew's Kir
The only Scottish Kirk in Bangalore, situated on Cubon Road parallel to MG Road contains stained glass windows depicting Lord Jesus and his eight apostles. A pipe organ was also installed here in 1881. The walls are adorned with polished brass plaques. There is also a plaque of John Cook, the Principal of Central College in Bangalore in 1915.Read more...

Infant Jesus Church
A place happen lots of miracles. prayers are never failed. Visit once or, ask the community to pray. all group will pray for you! The Church has a long history of sacrifice and devotion from the time it was first conceived by Fr Paul Kinatukara in the sixties.Read more...

St Patricks Church
The Parish Priest, Assistant Parish Priest and the Congregation of St. Patrick's Church wish you all a Joyful Easter. May the Peace, Love and Joy of the Risen Lord be with you and your families. Read more...

St Mary's Basilica
This Church situated opposite the Russel Market Square was built as a small chapel in 1818 by Abbe Dubois, oldest Church in Bangalore is the St Mary's Basilica in Shivajinagar which dates back to 1685. St Mary's Basilica, in its present form was bulit in 1875-82 at a total cost of about Rs 30,000. Read more...

Chowdiah Memorial Hall
The Chowdiah Memorial Hall, named after the violin maestro Tirumakudalu Chowdiah, is one of the most prominent landmarks of Malleswaram. Designed in the shape of a violin, the venue is a hub of arts and culture, playing host to a wide array of events - ranging from classical music concerts, to theatre and drama, to prestigious quiz competitions. Read more...

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