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Pattadakal Archeology


About 30 km from Badami on the way to Aihole area group of well-preserved temples in the farmland. The small village of Pattadakal was once the second biggest city of the Chalukyas . It is said that the coronation of the king was always held here. There are 9 main temples, which reflects the maturity of architectural style in the Badami and Aihole area.One can see a blend of north style and south style of the Middle Ages in these temples. The Big Virupasha ,Mallikajuna and Sangameshwara temples ahve the southern style and reflects similarity to the Pallava dynasty architecture of Kanchipuram. The Rashtrakutas adopted this similar temples of Papanatha, Garagnatha,Kashi Vishwanatha and Jabulinga have north style shikharas on the shrines which was the forerunner for the towering north and west Indian type shikharas. As you explore this place it is very easy to imagine the large numbers of people who lived here at that time.


These temples dedicated to Shiva , were built by the two queens as a memorial after Viramaditya II , of the early Chalukya dynasty conquered the pallava dynasty. Since the Pallava style in these temples, they resemble the Kailasanatha Temple of Kanchipuram. The Mallikarjuna Temples Built behind the Virupaksha Temple, is smaller. Both temples have a pathway going round the shrine and a mandapa in front with porches on three sides. In front is the Nandi shrine. A fence encloses the entrance and the precincts. The style of big temple is perfect, a forerunner of the Chalukya style. The queen name that built Virupaksha Temple was loka Maha Devi and the name of the architect was Gunda.


This small temple is the mandapa+ porch type. Earlier it had a big mandapa at the front. The shrine is 5m long on one side and crowned with a north type shikara. The amarka is broken. On the corners of the 2nd step of the shikara, an amarka shape has been sculpted . Nataraja(dancing god) has been sculpted on the front.


This Hindu temple a little away from the others is built in a horizontal style. In front of the mandapa with a Nandi in the centre. There is no pillars beam suspension inside and it look very archaic. It has a north style shikara and the style of the walls remind one of the Alampur temple.


150m from the temple area, there is a Jain temple. It belongs to the 9th century and belongs to the age of the Rashtrakuta dynasty. As in Ajanta, the King Amokavrasha or his son Krishna II, who patronized the jain religion, built it. Unfortunately the wall of the pathway round the shrine is broken.


13 km from Badami in the forest at Mahakuta, on the way to Pattadakal, there are a group of temples which reflects the development of the north-south style. There are two temples, Mahakuteshwara and MAllikarjuna with a natural tank in the centre and there are many temples around. Even now there is a long line of devotees offering prayers.