MALLIKARJUNA TEMPLE(Later half of the 10th C/ Hindu)

35 km from Haveri, and 30 km from Harihar among the mountains, is Kuruvatti village. After getting down from the car you have to walk some distance on a narrow road lined with old houses. Very similar to the pilgrim towns in Spain. The temple is not very big the tower on the vimana is a later addition. But the details on the wall and within, are very precise. The temple has a shrine, affront hall and a mandapa with porch type. Right in the front is a huge Nandi shrine that is different. The pillars inside have been made by using a lathe. There is no comparison to the richness of this pillar base. The pillar head at the entrance is sculpted with beautiful angles. It reflects the skilled art of the later Chalukya period.